Robot vacuum cleaners can keep your home clean by vacuuming and/or mopping, saving you time. Read here what you should pay attention to when buying a robot vacuum cleaner and you will also find the three reviews of the Dyson 360 Vis Nav, the TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus and the Philips Homerun XU7100.

Aad Munsterman and Rob Coenraads

the test

Robot vacuum cleaners are popular, especially in families with busy jobs and pets. In order for the robot to do its work optimally, the floor must be as clear as possible.

Test scenario

We test three vacuum cleaners in various price ranges in a standard single-family home with hard floors and partly carpeted floors. We scatter breadcrumbs and test the result.

The robot vacuum cleaner must be able to navigate well without damaging anything, getting stuck or falling down stairs. The robot navigates through the rooms using distance sensors. A camera, light or laser beam is used to determine the distance to objects and bump sensors for collision detection and fall sensors to detect stairs, for example. The more advanced robots first map the rooms, after which the floor can be separated into rooms via an app and a cleaning plan can be drawn up. You can then order vacuuming of one or more rooms or the entire floor. Area demarcation can also be an option and is useful for convector pits.

Variants of robot vacuum cleaners

The robot vacuum cleaners are available in various variants, such as: only suitable for hard floors or also carpet, with or without mapping floors, with or without emptying station and with or without a mopping function that sweeps or with rotating mopping cloths. They are classified into relatively cheap basic models with simple navigation and suitable for small to medium-sized homes with hard floors. The mid range is suitable for both carpet and hard floors for medium to large homes. Finally, the premium class with the best suction power and most extensive functions for large homes.

Special features

A robot vacuum cleaner can be equipped with one or more of the following functions: advanced navigation for efficient operation, automatic or selectable suction power for optimal results, programming via an app to carry out commands at defined times, facilities to clean edges and corners, automatic cleaning brush roll, report a suction action with an overview of where the robot has been. In addition, there is quality in the HEPA filters where the suction air is blown back out without fine dust and the mechanism where the dust is collected and emptied automatically or not.


A disadvantage is the price and whether replacement parts are needed such as dust filters and waste bags. He may also have difficulty in areas with many obstacles and then ask for assistance because he is stuck. They do not do their work silently, but this does depend on the activated suction power. Automatic emptying is always accompanied by a lot of noise. Finally, the robot also requires maintenance, including emptying the dust container or bag and keeping the sensors and rollers clean.

Dyson 360 Vis Nav

This premium high Dyson vacuum cleaner, in chic blue with red/gray accents, works without or in combination with the MyDyson app. A 27cm wide roller collects the dirt at 100,000 rpm. There is no mopping and dumping function. The dirt is collected in an easily removable round container and the suction air is delivered 99.99% clean via a Hepa filter. Mapping a floor and dividing it into rooms works well. The suction power is automatic or adjustable on the surface and works excellently. Despite the side channel, some dirt remains along the edges.
Dyson 360 Vis Nav 2Depending on the mode, the suction time is less than an hour and then needs to be charged for another 2 hours, so a suction action takes a lot of time. The navigation is quite slow and uncertain with occasional crashes, because it does not see low objects. The order cancellation with the amount of substance found is nice.
In summary, an excellent suction result, with easy maintenance, but unstable navigation and short battery life.

3 stars

Recommended retail price: €1,299

+ futuristic with excellent suction results
+ useful app

– substandard navigation
– max. suction time <1 hour

TP Link
Tapo RV30 Plus

Tapo 2

The Tapo RV30 Plus from TP-Link is low-priced with a vacuum and mop function and collection unit and works with the Tapo app. Mapping the floor, dividing it into rooms and setting up virtual walls works quickly and well. The dimensions of the suction unit are 34 cm round and 10 cm high. The rotating brush is modest at 6 inches wide, but gets help from a horizontal side brush for the edges. The RV30 communicates in Dutch with a clear voice and promptly goes to the desired location for cleaning. Cleaning is done quickly and in a structured manner: first the edges and then the rest in a zigzag manner. It hates loose cables. The ride is visible in the app. The cleaning result is good for small crumbs, but leaves larger pieces. Mopping, directly with vacuuming, is done with a wet cloth that drags across the floor behind the brush. The suction power is controlled automatically and the noise is modest. The usage period is a maximum of 3 hours. In the app you often have to find out where what is.

3 and half stars

Recommended retail price: € 445,-

+ complete with mop and automatic waste bin
+ fast and correct navigation

– Suction result could be better
– app could be more user-friendly

Phillips Home run XU7100

The XU7100 is the largest of the three and looks stylish. It is a robot with a suction and mopping function and an emptying station. The unit works with the Homerun app, which has some difficult to read text. Mapping and adjusting the Phillips 2floors and rooms is done quickly and accurately. A 3D TOF sensor makes it possible to detect and avoid small objects, even in the dark. Loose wires and cables are not appreciated. The vacuum works with a 17cm wide brush with a horizontal side brush on the left for edges, making the total sweeping width 28.5cm. The suction can be adjusted to four levels and gives good results. The mop can be used up out, dragging, rotating and Y shape can be set with four moisture levels. This removes the last remains on a smooth floor and it also looks sleek. The battery life is up to 180 minutes. Emptying is quick, with some noise, into a bag for a month’s worth of dirt. The robot’s voice is moderately intelligible.

4 stars

Recommended retail price: €899.99, street price considerably lower

+ simple operation with vacuuming and mopping
+ good suction and mopping results

– app could be better
– bulky device