The 5 best apps to add text to photos

There are many apps for editing photos, but there are a few specific apps that let you paste texts nicely into your photos. We have listed the best five tools.


If you just want to paste text on a photo, it works Phonto Simple: tap a photo and enter the text. Despite the ease of use, this free app offers a huge amount of possibilities to make the text interesting. Besides the use of a large amount of fonts and the possibility to add your own fonts, you can place the text very precisely with a control and plus and minus buttons. Also read: 5 apps to take better photos with your iPhone.

The menus for adjusting colors and styles offer a surprising amount of settings and options, such as options to adjust the colors, add and edit shadows, edit the outline of the letter, and even set leading and spacing. You can even put the letters in a curve and different ways of underlining the text.


Who likes tiles wisdom and mainly uses Facebook to teach your friends wise life lessons. By applying the beautiful fonts to a simple photo you quickly have something special. The free offer is very decent: if you want to look further, there are quite a few extra fonts to download via an in-app purchase, with an occasional offer.

The jog wheel with editing functions is characteristic of About. Bring out the disc by tapping the yellow triangle, turn the wheel for the correct function and select items to edit the photo, add text or images, or share the result. Via Edit you can still fine-tune the texts with options for color, size and alignment.


You can use PicLab to edit your photos and add filters and stickers. Adding texts is also simple, with settings for colors, shadows and alignment. You can apply different text layers so that you can still slide, rotate and change the content of the text frames.

Any photo in PicLab contains a watermark “Made with PicLab”. With an in-app purchase you can remove it. The free amount of content is sufficient, but the app also has the option to unlock all fonts and filters with an in-app purchase.

Pixlr Express

Also Pixlr Express is an app that you normally use to edit photos. Via the button type add your lyrics. The font options menu is cluttered and difficult to read. Each category can be downloaded to make a genre with different fonts available. Once you understand how it works, you can achieve great results.

Rhonna Collage

Rhonna Collage has two main functions: creating special frames and putting texts in a certain shape. Choose a type of frame, for example a simple circle and place a photo or even a video in it. The text function allows you to place text on the outline of an object in your photo, such as text that wraps around a soccer ball.


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