The best gadgets to gift this holiday season

PlayStation Classic

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s a great time to spoil friends and family. Need some inspiration for gifts under the Christmas tree? We have listed five gadgets that can be the ideal Christmas gift.

1. THE SUB Compact

Price: €99.00

You may know Krups from the coffee machines, but did you know that there are also beer taps from the brand? The SUB Compact is reasonably priced, you can easily take it anywhere and at the time of writing it is suitable for about fifty different beer types. The beer stays fresh and at the right temperature for up to fifteen days. A must for every beer lover.

2. Playstation Classic

Price: €99.00

The PlayStation 5 is still limited worldwide, even though it has been more than a year since the console appeared. So giving a PS5 as a gift is a challenge and frankly a bit expensive. A nice alternative is the PlayStation Classic. The mini version of the first PlayStation comes with 20 games, including Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil, that will keep you busy for a year.

3. Click & Grow Smart Garden 3

Price: €75.00

Due to the corona crisis, we work a lot from home and then of course we want our working environment to look cozy. Plants can add some color to the home office, but you won’t be the only one who forgets to water the plants in between work. It doesn’t matter with the Smart Garden: you can grow different fruits and vegetables completely automatically. Plug in the plug and fill the water tank with water and your plants will receive the right amount of water. In addition, the plants are also provided with the right amount of light. When the water has run out, you will receive a notification. Ideal!

4. Ember Mug 2

Price: €110.00

Speaking of working from home, that includes a nice cup of coffee or tea. But if you are in a long meeting again and you can’t make a cup of coffee in the meantime, you can of course also walk to the coffee machine before the meeting. To prevent your coffee or tea from getting cold, you can purchase the Ember Mug 2.

Connect the mug to your smartphone and use the app to set the ideal drinking temperature for your coffee, tea or soup, for example. Your drink will then remain at the right temperature for 1.5 hours. Or unlimited if you leave the mug on the charging saucer.

5. Tile Pro

Price: €30.00

If someone often loses their things, you can give them a Tile Pro. You hang this Bluetooth tracker on your bag, keys or wallet and you immediately know where all your belongings are via your smartphone. The tracker also works the other way around: press the Tile Pro and all you have to do is follow the sound of your mobile to find it again.


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