The colorful world of the Orient World Map 1969 Revival

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Orient is building a special collection of watches with reinterpretations of iconic watches from the brand’s past. So far, this Revival Collection has already provided several surprises, such as the King Diver and the Retro Future Camera. And now there is the colorful World Map.

The World Map: based on a special watch from 1969

The latest edition in the Revival collection is the World Map. The watch is based on the classic Orient World Diver from 1969. Until that year, most Japanese people were not allowed to travel abroad. To celebrate the fact that this was possible again from 1969, Orient launched a special watch with a multi-colored world map and 24-hour display.

This rare watch has become a highly sought-after collector’s item among Orient watch enthusiasts.

World Diver
▴ The original World Diver from 1969

RA-AA0E04Y09B Limited Edition

▴ RA-AA0E04Y09B Limited Edition

The multicolored dial reflects the Earth as a celestial body in the universe and is specially processed to look spherical due to the lens effect of the glass.

The RA-AA0E04Y09B – the model with the same dial as the 1969 watch – is limited to just 1,200 numbered pieces which we expect will sell out quickly. But don’t worry, because in addition to this limited edition, the World Map is available in three more color variants, each with its own charm.


▴ RA-AA0E03L09C


▴ RA-AA0E01S19B


▴ RA-AA0E02E19B

The detailing of the World Map watches is very beautiful. The stylized world map is a subtle line pattern on the glossy dial. The hours are displayed – just like the original – with pointed metal balls that lie on the surface of the dial like rivets. The bar indices on the 24-hour ring are provided with lumens for optimal readability in the dark.

With a choice of three color options (blue, green and white), there is plenty of choice for enthusiasts.

Excellent specifications

The new World Map is a faithful reproduction of the 1969 world map dial. A unique retro design but with modern specifications and functions.

Like the original 1969 model, the new model displays the time, date and day of the week. It also has an inner bezel that can be rotated using the crown at the four o’clock position on the case, allowing for simplified 24-hour timekeeping.

▴ Clearly readable day-date window

▴ Extra crown to operate the 24-hour ring

The 43mm diameter case has been updated to achieve water resistance up to 20 bar, and the bracelet is composed of sturdy metal links for flexibility and a comfortable fit. Orient’s in-house produced automatic F6922 movement offers stable, high accuracy.

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In addition to the special watches from the Orient Revival collection, you will of course find the regular collection of Orient watches and the premium models in the Orient Star line. The good choice for anyone looking for a beautiful classic watch or diving watch from a traditional Japanese watch house.

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