The GM-B2100 is the superlative in the evolution of G-Shock

When you work at a watch store, like me, you are regularly asked what my favorite watch brand is. I can honestly say that G-Shock is one of my favorites. For very simple reasons; G-Shock watches have their own unique look, an excellent price-quality ratio, and the brand always continues to develop and improve.

The latest step in G-Shock’s development is the hot-off-the-press models in the GM-B2100 series. Three beautiful full-metal watches based on the already existing – and extremely popular – GA-2100.

This plastic watch with the pet name ‘CasiOak’ first came onto the market in 2019 and quickly became one of the brand’s bestsellers. The shape of the watch was based on G-Shock’s original model, the octagonal DW5000C, and united the best of G-Shock in form and function.

GM-2100 (metal covered)
▴ GM-2100 (metal covered)


GA-B2100 with Bluetooth
▴ GA-B2100 with Bluetooth

The evolution of the ‘CasiOak’

As mentioned above, one of the attractive aspects of G-Shock is that the brand always continues to develop without losing its individuality or forgetting the basics. This is clearly visible in the evolution of the CasiOak.

The first series of GA-2100 watches was made entirely of carbon fiber reinforced synthetic resin. Lightweight, slimmer and available in a multitude of colours. The sporty appearance of the GA-2100 makes the watch less suitable for wearing in a business environment. That is why the first GM-2100 models soon followed. These are also plastic watches, but the case is covered with a layer of steel, which immediately gave the watch a more businesslike and luxurious appearance.

And it was only a few months ago that the GA-2100 series was taken a step further with the addition of Tough Solar and Bluetooth with the GA-B2100 series.

▴ Octagonal case

▴ GM-B2100GD-5AER

Unique shape now completely made of steel

And so we have arrived at the superlative step in the evolution of the GA-2100. The latest models from the GM-B2100 have everything that made the previous editions so attractive, contained in a full metal housing and with a beautiful and comfortable metal link bracelet. All this without losing the unique shape and appearance.

▴ GM-B2100D-1AER

▴ Combination of gloss and matt polish

Understated luxury…

Understated, modest, unobtrusive. No terms that you will quickly associate with G-Shock. Yet I dare to call the Full Metal GM-B2100 modest luxury. You are still wearing a very recognizable G-Shock, but the sublime finish makes the GM-B2100 a versatile watch that also comes into its own in a more formal setting.

The steel bezel and case have undergone meticulous processes of forging, cutting and polishing and have a precise fit despite the complex shapes. This is continued in the shock-resistant strap that fits seamlessly around the wrist.

But what really makes the difference is the finish of the metal. A three-step process that involves polishing and both circular and vertical brushing to create a texture that sparkles when it can and is modest when it should.

▴ GM-B2100BD-1AER

▴ Stealth black

…In combination with the most modern technology

The GM-B2100 also shines on the inside. The unique G-Shock features such as ultimate shock resistance and Super-Illuminator are supplemented with time registration on light energy and Bluetooth® for improved accuracy and reliability.

For example, by pressing a button you can record the date, time and position on a map. Useful as an activity log.

More special G-Shock watches at Techzle

The GA-2100 and GM-B2100 CasiOak watches are of course not the only G-Shocks that Techzle has in its range. Are you looking for a sports watch? Then we recommend that you take a look at the connected G-Squad watches. Or are you interested in real luxury and handmade watches? You can also contact G-Shock. The exclusive manufacture watches in the MR-G line are among the top of the watch world.

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