The most popular smartphone of 2023 is an iPhone (but which one?)

Of course, it is no surprise that an iPhone is the most popular smartphone of 2023. But which iPhone is it?

The most popular smartphone of 2023 is an iPhone

To get straight to the point: the most popular smartphone of 2023 is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This device has been sold no less than 34 million times. And it gets even more interesting, because the top 5 consists only of iPhones.

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When you look at the list below you will see that the iPhone 14 Pro Max just beat the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 then completes the top 3 of the most popular iPhone in 2023. The first non-Apple smartphone can only be seen in 6th place.

most popular iphone 2023

If you take a closer look at the top 10, you will see that it actually only contains iPhones and Samsung phones. From brands like OnePlus and Nothing missing every trace. Just like the iPhone 14 series, the recently released iPhone 15 managed to secure three places in the list. Only the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 14 Plus are not in the top 10.

At Samsung the Samsung A14 4G ranked highest. This is a popular budget device that can now be purchased for less than 150 euros. That device has been sold as often as the iPhone 15 Pro: 21 million times.

iPhone 14 Pro Max in brief

The most popular smartphone of 2023 is the first iPhone that does not have a notch at the top of the screen. Instead, there’s an oval cutout that Apple calls the “Dynamic Island.” Depending on what you do with your iPhone, this ‘island’ changes appearance.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

It was also the first iPhone with a 48 megapixel camera. That is a big step forward compared to the predecessors, which always had to make do with ‘only’ 12 megapixel quality. Roughly speaking, the more megapixels a camera has, the more information (and therefore details) photos contain.

The iPhone 14 series was released in September 2022. But thanks to the lightning-fast A16 chip, you can use this device for years to come. The great thing is that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has also become a lot cheaper. The original suggested retail price was 1479 euros, but the price has now dropped considerably. Check below for the best prices.

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