The new Fossil Hybrid HR Neutra: more functions and longer battery life

Good news for all lovers of Fossil watches and smartwatches. The latest generation Fossil Hybrid HR now has even more useful and fun features, with an even longer battery life. And all that in the familiar Fossil ‘packaging’: stylish, retro with a wink and super-functional.

▴ FTW7027

▴ FTW7025

What is a hybrid smartwatch?

When most people hear the word smartwatch, they think of a watch with a touchscreen like your smartphone. But it can also be done differently: a hybrid smartwatch is a real watch, with real hands that indicate the time, and that contains smart functions under the dial. This way you have a ‘normal’ beautiful watch that is also smart.

The Fossil Hybrid HR Neutra also has a display on which you can receive notifications and read the results of your smart functions. The best of both worlds in a stylish watch.



Even longer battery life

When the Fossil Hybrid HR was introduced, we were already very enthusiastic about the smart use of the e-ink display (which you know from your e-reader) in a watch that seems ordinary at first glance but is secretly very smart.

An e-ink screen is very easy to read – even in sunlight – and is at the same time very energy efficient. The Fossil Hybrid HR lasts up to 2 weeks on 1 charge (depending on how you use the smartwatch)! And if the battery is almost empty, you can charge the watch to 80% in less than an hour with the included quick charger.

E-ink display
▴ E-ink display just like your e-reader

▴ Charger included

What’s new about the Fossil Hybrid HR Neutra?

Of course, the Neutra includes all the functions you expect from a smartwatch: heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor, notifications, and so on. In addition, Fossil has added a few nice new features:

Keep track of your travel time

With the Move Minutes function you can, among other things, keep track of your daily commuting time. This feature keeps track of all your activities. The accelerometer counts your steps, and now also calculates the total number of minutes you are active in a day.

Earn points by exercising and keep your heart healthy

Heart Points records the difference between light and intense activity. Google Fit awards a heart point for each minute of exercise that your watch identifies as moderate activity and 2 points for very vigorous activity.

Challenge your friends

Connect challenge is a way to exercise more together with other Hybrid users in a fun way. Set yourself goals and challenge your friends.

‘More every day wellness’

All Fossil smartwatches with multi-color heart rate monitors (green and red LEDs) now also have a Blood Oxygen function in the Wellness app (estimated SpO2). All these features can be accessed through the Wellness watch app. You can now also set Sleep, Activity and Blood Oxygen as your preferred view on your display.



Adjust your Neutra to your preferences

With the Fossil Hybrid HR App (compatible with Android™ OS 5.0+ and iOS 12.0+) you have access to all functions and can customize your watch entirely to your own preferences. Customize the display to your style with a choice of different backgrounds.

Set the push buttons for the functions you use most, such as the weather forecast, your music and more…

▴ FTW7039 for women

▴ FTW7039 dial

More Fossil smartwatches at Techzle

There are currently two models available in the Neutra series: the FTW7025 and FTW7027 for men. And for ladies there are three models from the Monroe series available.

Would you rather go for a touchscreen smartwatch? Then take a look at the new Fossil Gen6 smartwatch line.

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