The next Apple event will be different than usual: we already know this

The Apple event on May 7 will be different than you are used to. Apple itself calls it a ‘different kind of Apple Event‘ and here’s what we know about it.

Next Apple event will be different

The Apple Post noted that Apple is currently promoting the ‘Let Loose’ event on Instagram and Facebook, among others. The message in the ads is that Apple ‘has something special in store for you’ (‘drafting up something special for you‘). And Apple invites you to a ‘different kind of Apple event’ on May 7 (‘different kind of Apple Event‘) to attend.

The term ‘drafting up‘ (‘drafting’) could be a reference to iPads (an Apple Pencil can already be seen in the artwork of the event itself). However, it is not immediately clear what Apple means by a ‘different kind of Apple event’.

The next Apple event will be different than usual: we already know this

Another period and another time

Apple doesn’t normally hold events in May, mainly because it’s just a month before WWDC, when Apple presents iOS 18. This next event will also be held at 4pm UK time, while Apple keynotes normally start at 7pm. But does that make the next event different?

Last year in October, Apple also held an event that was ‘different’. That was the ‘Scary Fast’ event that started at 1am and lasted only half an hour. New Macs were then announced during Halloween. It was also the first keynote filmed entirely with an iPhone. Maybe the May 7 ‘Let Loose’ event will be filmed and edited with an iPad?

ipad event 2024

This is what you can expect

During the ‘Let Loose’ event, Apple is rumored to be introducing a new generation of iPad Pro with an OLED screen and an M4 chip. The iPad Air also gets an upgrade with the M2 chip and a new 12.9-inch version. Finally, new versions of the Magic Keyboard and the Apple Pencil are also expected to appear. Loves iPhoned Stay tuned for the latest news about the May 7 keynote!

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