The permanent values ​​of the new Jacob Jensen Classic watches

With Jacob Jensen you know what you get; Form and function merge into a high-quality product. That is why Jacob Jensen watches are so popular among design enthusiasts. You will find many design classics in the brand’s collection. The Classic watches have been around for thirty years. The original design was refreshed in 2020 and is completely ready for the future.

Award-winning design through solid values

Since the early 1950s, Jacob Jensen has designed more than 500 products, the best known of which is his long-standing collaboration with the audio brand Bang & Olufsen. Partly because of this, he was one of the best-known designers from Denmark. With an original, simple – and now – classic design language, he has proven that everyday objects are beautiful in all pure simplicity. He himself described his style as “Different, but not strange.”

The Jacob Jensen logo is the translation of the brand’s core values:
Pure + Perfect + Sustainable = Day and night.

The original design of the Jacob Jensen Classic
▴ The new design

Photo sunrise
▴ The boundary between day and night as a source of inspiration

Pure function translated into pure form. Striving for perfection. And products that are current, now and in the future, using sustainable materials.

Jacob Jensen is one of the most internationally acclaimed designers in the world. He has received many prizes and awards for his designs and his work is exhibited in art and design museums all over the world. Fifteen of his designs are part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York.

Father Jacob passed away at the age of 89 in 2015. His son, Timothy Jacob Jensen, continues his work.

Like father Like Son

Timothy Jacob Jensen apprenticed with his father in 1978 and took over responsibility for his design studio in 1990. The first products that Timothy Jacob Jensen developed for the Jacob Jensen brand were the Classic watches, model 510 & 520. The design is the perfect translation of the core brand values ​​in the form of a watch.

The JJ510 and JJ520 watches have been produced for years and continue to appeal to new generations of design enthusiasts due to their timeless character.

The original design of the Classic 510 and 520
▴ The original design of the Classic 510 and 520

The original Jacob Jensen Classic watches
▴ The original Jacob Jensen Classic watches

Jacob Jensen celebrates the 30th anniversary of this iconic Classic series with a new variant. The New Classic has a contemporary look and feel thanks to the modern mesh strap and scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

The Jacob Jensen Classic series for 2020 and beyond

The contrast between light and dark remains the key feature of the watch. The hands appear and disappear against the background of the two-tone dial as they move. The second hand ticks with a striking blue or gold accent that fits harmoniously within the contrasting dial.

The new design has more visual depth than the original with beveled corners on the dial, faceted surfaces on the side of the case and the matching modern mesh strap. The Classic watches are available in two sizes: 32 x 38 mm (JJ515, JJ516 and JJ517) and 24 x 30 mm (JJ525, JJ526 and JJ527).

The colors of the watches have also been refreshed. The traditional silver-black and silver-gold combination has been maintained and is supplemented with a silver-blue variant.

▴ JJ517

▴ JJ515

▴ JJ526

Jacob Jensen watches at Techzle

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