The Tissot PRX 40 is ready for 2021

We usually write about special limited editions or new collections in this blog, but sometimes – without much publicity or fanfare – a watch comes on our table that we are immediately enthusiastic about. The Tissot PRX 40 is such a watch.

In the watch world you roughly see two important trends; On the one hand, an increasing emphasis on technical gadgets and ‘smart’. On the other hand, many respectable watch brands hark back to their rich history and give proven success watches a modern makeover.
Tissot has also delved into its own archives and launched the popular PRX into the twenty-first century with a stylish reinterpretation.

The Tissot PRX 40 is ready for 2021
▴ The slim design suits both a sporty and business look

Tissot PRX 40 205
▴ Slim case with ‘shallow’ dial

Strikingly modern

When reinterpreting an existing watch, there is always the risk that it is only suitable for retro design enthusiasts. But that is not the case with the PRX 40! The watch looks sleek, minimalist and modern, without detracting from the original.

Based on the 1978 Tissot Seastar

The PRX 40 is based on the iconic Seastar watch from 1978. At that time, sporty watches with an integrated steel strap were very popular. And that is the most important visual feature of the PRX 40.

The contours of the case extend directly into the watch strap, without protruding case legs. This makes the strap look like one piece with the case and is very flexible. The wearing comfort of this new strap is therefore high. Even if it has been shortened.

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Tissot Seastar watch from 1978
▴ The original Seastar from 1978

Tissot PRX 40 205
▴ The 2021 PRX 40

The other features of the new Tissot PRX 40

The PRX 40 205 is a contemporary interpretation with still the same features as its predecessor, but now more refined, more pronounced and with a high level of finish. The name PRX stands for Precision, Robustness and the Roman numeral

The watch case has a diameter of 40 mm and is 10.5 mm thick. The case is slightly barrel-shaped and has a smooth, round glass edge. The steel case has a vertically brushed finish with glossy polished interiors. This finish gives the watch a sturdy, industrial look but at the same time feels comfortable on the skin.

The watch is available with a beautiful blue or black ‘sunray’ dial or a silver vertically brushed dial that further enhances the illusion of a one-piece watch.

The luminous hands of the PRX 40 205 are mounted very flush to each other. This allows the dial to be placed closer to the glass, giving the appearance of being on the surface. This optical effect makes the watch case appear even slimmer and more elegant. The watch therefore fits both a sporty and a business look.

Tissot PRX 40 205
▴ Sporty blue…

Tissot PRX 40 205
▴ … or stylish steel

Now only quartz, soon also automatic

Later this year, Tissot will also release a version of the PRX with an automatic movement. That watch contains a Swiss Made Powermatic movement from Tissot with a ticking frequency of 3 Hz and a power reserve of up to 80 hours.

We will of course keep a close eye on all developments for you. Follow this blog and stay informed.

T1374071105100 PRX Powermatic 80 - Automatic
▴ T1374071105100 PRX Powermatic 80 – Automatic

T1374071105100 PRX Powermatic 80 - Automatic
▴ T1374071105100 PRX Powermatic 80 – Automatic

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