The versatile minimalism of the Danish Design Akilia watch series

Design from Denmark is world famous. For the power of simplicity, purity and quality. The Danish Design brand has been working for years with designers from this Scandinavian design Valhalla. This experience now comes together in the super-trendy series of Akilia watches.

An ounce less

It was almost impossible to get crazy enough in the watch world in the past ten years. Big, bigger, biggest, special colors and all kinds of decorations. Of course there is always room for the larger watches, but we are gradually seeing a return to smaller and simpler. It may be a little less.

The minimalist watch trend has also been around for a few years and does not seem to blow over for the time being. And who are really good at that? The Scandinavians. The new Akilia watch line from Danish Design fits perfectly in these two trends.

photo IV62Q1268 Akilia watch
▴ IV62Q1268 ladies watch

Photo IV65Q1268 Akilia watch
▴ IV65Q1268 ladies watch

The versatile minimalism of Akilia

When you reduce a design to its essentials, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. All details must be correct. Back to simplicity. A watch that is functional – does what it should – without unnecessary additions.

The Akilia watch is inspired by the vintage revival in watchland. People want to wear the watch from fifty years ago again, but with the technology and materials of today. The sober design makes the watch easy to combine with your other jewelry and fits with every clothing style. The mesh watch strap has a special relief, so that the light plays nicely with the stainless steel.

The Akilia watches are also very thin and therefore lightweight. Ideal for spring and summer.

Photo Akilia watch with jewelry
▴ Combine your watch with your favorite jewelry

Photo side Akilia watch
▴ The IQ62Q1267 Men’s Watch: Only 7mm thick

Small is beautiful

The Akilia watches are available in three sizes: 22 mm and 32 mm for women and 41 mm for men. Because the men’s watches are slightly larger in size, the dial has room for a day-date window or a small second hand.

The Akilia watches are equipped with a braided steel mesh strap. A material that is very supple and airy on the skin and seamlessly matches the design of the watch that has the appearance of a piece of jewellery. Some models have an extra long wrap-around strap, which creates the illusion of a bracelet even more. In addition, the watch strap can be changed quickly thanks to the quick release system. This way you can adjust the look of the watch to your outfit in the blink of an eye.

Photo IQ66Q1267 men's watch
▴ IQ66Q1267 men’s watch

Photo IQ05Q1267 men's watch
▴ IQ05Q1267 men’s watch

Danish Design Akilia watches at Techzle

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Photo free pocket mirror
▴ FREE design pocket mirror with the purchase of an Akilia ladies watch


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