These are the best shows and movies on Apple TV Plus in 2023

There are now a lot of titles on Apple TV Plus, that’s why iPhoned the best series and films of 2023 for you. You can’t miss this one!

Best of 2023 Apple TV Plus

Apple is busy with Apple TV Plus. Although not everything is a hit, there are plenty of series and films on this streaming service to enjoy. You may have missed some of that this year, so we’ll tell you what you absolutely need to catch up on.

Don’t have Apple TV Plus yet? If you look around carefully you can often get a few months for free. With this list you will know exactly where to find the highlights. Enjoy watching!

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10. Tetris

When it became clear that a movie was being made about one of the most famous games ever, many wondered how to make falling blocks interesting. Fortunately, the makers had something else in mind: telling the interesting history behind this game.

Taron Egerton plays Henk Rogers, who does everything he can to get the rights to Tetris in the Soviet Union and then put the game on a GameBoy from Japan. This film tells a good story in a fun, playful way.


9. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (season 1)

In a world where monsters like Godzilla are a reality, you can bet that there are also people who want to use these powers for their own gain. That is the Monarch organization. In this series you follow different people in different times who have something to do with Monarch. Of course, this is all interspersed with great monster action.

Apple TV Plus 2023: Monarch

8. For All Mankind (season 4)

In For All Mankind, which tells an alternate version of history in which the Russians are the first to land on the moon, the fourth season takes another leap in time. Full of new technology, new characters and a good dose of make-up for the well-known characters to make them look older.

With new adventures on Mars, international tensions and companies throwing a spanner in the works, there is plenty to enjoy again.

For All Mankind

7. The Reluctant Traveler (season 1)

Actor Eugene Levy (Schitt’s Creek) doesn’t like traveling at all, but for Apple he travels the world to discover special places and their cultures. This is largely done in enormous luxury and with all the safety that can be offered, but Levy makes it a great pleasure to watch because of his fears and openness.

Apple TV Plus 2023: The Reluctant Traveler

6. Schmigadoon (season 2)

In the original Schmigadoon, a couple ended up in a magical village where the world turned into a musical at every turn. They are back in the second season, but in the hunt for this village the magic appears to have made a time jump. The couple ends up in Schmicago full of dark musicals from the sixties and seventies. This time Titus Burgess (Kimmy Schmidt) joins the cast and it’s nothing short of a party.


5. Flora and Son

Flora has difficult relationships with her teenage son and her ex (the father of her son). One day the young mother finds a guitar and decides to have it restored. If her son doesn’t want the instrument, she will take lessons herself. Maybe she can repair her relationships with the power of music? That sounds very sappy and it is a bit, but Flora and Son is above all a surprisingly charming film.

Flora and Son

4. Hijack (season 1)

A plane with Idris Elba on board is hijacked. That concept is super exciting for seven episodes, with six cliffhangers. This is television to watch on the edge of your seat.


3. Shrinking (season 1)

Jimmy Laird (Jason Segal) struggles to cope with the death of his wife. One day he decides to turn his life around by telling the unfiltered truth in his role as a therapist. Shrinking is a heart-warming and sweet series, including a beautiful role for Harrison Ford.


2. Slow Horses (season 2 and 3)

Apple really has a top series with Slow Horses. In it, the dirty Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman) is in charge of a group of spies, all of whom have made major mistakes at MI5. With enough cursing and ranting, Lamb manages to motivate these misfits to get a lot of good done. The series successfully combines the comical with the extremely exciting.

Apple TV Plus 2023: Slow Horses

1. Silo (season 1)

In Silo you dive underground, where the last people are protected from the unlivable conditions on the surface. They live in a huge silo, with clear rules that everyone must adhere to. If you refuse, you will be sent outside with a cloth and asked if you would like to clean the camera lens so that the rest can see how you die there.

In this place you follow Juliette Nichols (Rebecca Ferguson), a mechanic who suddenly becomes the sheriff of the silo. Not only does she have to solve a murder, but she also starts an exciting search for the truth about the silo.

Apple TV Plus is becoming the best place for science fiction, with shows like For All Mankind, Foundation (which just missed out on this list), Severance, and this year, most importantly, Silo. The series has a convincing world that has been designed down to the smallest detail, with strong characters, a brisk pace and a fine balance between mystery and answers.


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