These are the best smart blinds and blackout

“Too lazy to get up to close the curtains ?!” A common argument from people who are cynical about smart roller blinds. But you can do much more with it: automatically link your curtains to the position of the sun, smart lighting or a movie on Netflix. And you can close them when you are not at home. That gives a safer feeling.

6x Smart curtains and blinds

IKEA Fyrtur

price: € 119, –

The fact that retail chain IKEA is coming up with its own smart curtain series means that the concept is ready for the masses. The roller blind set is comparable in control to the smart Trådfri lighting: with a remote control and an app. In fact, the curtains can be controlled in the same app as the lighting. You can also link the curtains to, for example, Apple HomeKit and voice assistants such as Google Assistant (if you link them via the Trådfri hub). You do not have to connect the curtains directly to the mains, the curtains are equipped with a battery that you can click to recharge.

IKEA Kadrilj

price: € 119, –

The Kadrilj smart roller blind series hardly differs from the Fyrtur. The control is also possible with speech, app and remote control. Linking with other ecosystems is also possible. The difference between the two curtain sets is that Kadrilj is translucent, while Fyrtur is completely dark. The curtain sets come in a few standard sizes, so make sure they fit: 60, 80, 120 or 140 centimeters in width. In length, the curtain measures 195 centimeters.

Velux Integra

price: From € 875, –

If you have a Velux Integra roof window, you can operate it with the Velux Active app. Not only for the built-in sun blinds or shutters, but also to open the window itself. They also work together with Netatmo equipment and a Velux indoor climate sensor to, for example, have the window open and close automatically when a temperature, humidity or CO₂ level is reached. To measure these values, you can connect Netatmo equipment. You can also link the windows to Apple HomeKit or the Google Assistant.

Luxaflex Powerview

price: From € 199, –

Luxaflex, it is one of the brand names that has become synonymous with the product. In this case sun protection. You can also go to Luxaflex for smart sun protection. For this you need motorized Luxaflex awnings and the PowerView app. You can also link your Luxaflex to Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Google Assistant and more services.

Luxaflex Powerview

price: From € 159, –

Somfy also sells its motors for controlling curtains and blinds (the sun blinds, not the brand this time) to other manufacturers. Powered Blinds, for example, which has a more luxurious look (including higher price). This allows the curtains to be connected to a Somfy base station for connection to your other smart home equipment and to be operated with, for example, voice assistants.

Pax Electric roller blind

price: From € 350, –

The electric curtains from the IKEA series are rather limited in color and size. It’s a bit of a Model T Ford for that matter. Are you looking for a different size or color, then the Pax Electric roller blinds are an option. You can also link this to a Somfy ecosystem and can be operated with voice assistants such as the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

4x Make existing curtains smarter


price: € 299, –

The Slide is a system that you connect to your current curtain rails. According to the makers, Slide works on 95 percent of the curtains. A curtain rod is not yet part of this. The manufacturer therefore recommends that you do a compatibility check before purchasing on the website. You mount Slide, a rod measuring 26.5 by 7.8 by 5.2 centimeters and power cable, out of sight on the curtain. Control is done via the app, by tugging the curtain or via an integration. Slide works with the Google Assistant (‘Hey Google, close the curtain’) and platforms such as Home Assistant and Domoticz.

Xiaomi Aqara Curtain Controller

price: Approx. $ 120

For the curtain motors from Xiaomi you should probably go to Chinese web shops, although their reliability is less, you still save a lot compared to the alternatives. You do need an Aqara hub (40 euros) to connect the curtains, this hub does connect all equipment via ZigBee. The Aqara curtain motor is a large block that you can mount to your curtain rails and connect to the mains. In some cases that doesn’t look that nice, so keep that in mind.

Somfy Mornin ‘Plus

price: € 69, –

You don’t have to completely replace your curtains to be able to operate them via your smartphone. The Mornin ‘Plus set from Somfy are motors that you attach to your curtain rails. The disadvantage is that the set connects via bluetooth and therefore cannot be linked to other smart home products. Via the app you can of course open and close your curtains manually, set a time for this or schedule it via a timer. You can also set how fast this should be and from which side the closing should start.

Soma Smart Shades

price: $ 119, –

A concept that is so simple that you wonder why it has not been thought of more often: a smart motor for the drawstring of your roller blind! You can program it to go down and up automatically with sunset and sunrise, control it by voice, or control it via an app. Fortunately, you do not need to connect the device to the mains, but it works with a battery that you charge via a USB plug or solar cell.

3x Extras for smart curtains

IKEA Braunit

price: € 12.95

The smart curtains from IKEA work on a battery, which saves you unsightly power cables in the window frame. But batteries do have a disadvantage: they wear out. Where most tech manufacturers make their battery as irreplaceable as possible, IKEA does the opposite: the battery is easy to disconnect, charge or even replace. Even the price tag is accessible. The only criticism is that charging is done with a now quite outdated micro USB plug.

Connexoon io

price: € 119.99

Roller shutters are of course a superlative of curtains when it comes to security, privacy and sun protection. But even if you prefer a roller shutter, there are smart solutions. You can buy motors for your current roller shutters or an entirely new roller shutter set, which connects to a central point. Such as in this case the Connexoon io hub, which immediately bridges the gap with your other smart home equipment. You can also use this central point for other things such as garage doors or patio awnings.

Somfy TaHoma Box

price: € 299, –

The superlative of the Connexoon io is the TaHoma Box, a central device in the household to which you connect all equipment. From your Velux windows to your smart lamps. For example, you can precisely control the temperature in the house by closing the windows and curtains and operating the thermostat from a distance. The app keeps everything organized in one place and ensures that you control everything in your house by voice.


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