Thin and smart Casio Edifice watches

You no longer have to choose between a slim and a smart watch, because the ‘Speed ​​and Intelligence’ chronographs from Casio Edifice are now even thinner and even smarter thanks to a new, modified movement and energy-efficient Bluetooth synchronization with your smartphone.

Inspiration from high-tech sports cars

The design of the SlimLine range introduced in 2019 is inspired by high-tech sports cars. The bezel and dial have a hairline finish; a technique that is also used for car parts. The look is further enhanced by the thin profile with a flat glass edge and gracefully sculpted shoulders. The four screws on the case represent the compact construction of a racing car engine.

But that’s just looks. The EQB-1000 watches are first and foremost precision chronographs with all the functionalities needed in motorsport. Among other things, you can measure lap times and view them later in the app. A Last Lap Indicator shows the difference from the previous lap time on the built-in sub-dial with a range of minus five to plus five seconds. The watch also shows the world times of two cities at the same time.

Side view EQB-1000 watch
▴ Only 8.94mm thin

Wrist photo EQB-1000 watch
▴ Matches casual wear and suit

Thin and smart thanks to improved Casio movement

The Casio Edifice EQB-1000 series has a very slim case, thanks in part to a newly developed, compact movement. Casio reduced the size of each component in 1/100th of a millimeter increments by mounting all components on one side of the circuit board instead of both sides as with previous Edifice Slim Line models. The result is a case thickness of only 8.94 millimeters. That is 4.1 millimeters – 29% – thinner than the previous model. You can therefore wear this Edifice perfectly with a neat suit and shirt.

Photo EFR-S567D-1AVUEF

Photo EFR-S567D-1AVUEF

You can operate the smart functions by connecting your watch via Bluetooth® to the app on your smartphone. This way you are always assured of the correct time and much more. Other features include: world time for over 300 cities, phone finder, fully automatic calendar, battery level indicator, dual time display for 27 time zones and automatic adjustment to home time zone. In addition, you can store up to 200 lap times measured with the chronograph.

Because the Casio Edifice Slim Line watches work on light energy, the battery lasts more than 10 years and the watch runs without being exposed to light, when fully charged and with the energy saving function on, for up to 18 months.

ECB-10TMS banner

Special Casio Edifice Limited Edition in collaboration with TOM’s Racing

The new ECB-10TMS is the result of Edifice’s second collaboration with TOM’s Racing. The base model of the ECB-10TMS is the ECB-10, which was already equipped with a weekly timer and other time management functions required for races. The new watch is black with red accents, inspired by the Mount Fuji design of the TOM’s logo. This logo is in the insert ring which is shaped like a race car brake caliper.

Race car details

Really attention has been paid to all details; The dial of the watch is made of carbon that is also used in the construction of racing cars. The band is thicker at the end so that it stays in place. Very useful for the team’s technicians who are under time pressure. The scratch-resistant sapphire glass ensures a good view of the beautiful dial from all angles.

Photo ECB-10TMS

Tom's race car

To celebrate Edifice’s 20th anniversary, the number “20” on the bezel is highlighted in red, and the case back features the inscription “20th Anniversary Edifice”. Like the EQB-1000, the ECB-10TMS is a Bluetooth watch with extensive smart functions, including an advanced chronograph with space for 200 rounds in memory.

Casio Edifice watches at Techzle

Techzle always has a large collection of Casio Edifice watches in stock. In addition to the Slimline and Bluetooth models, of course also the Classic and Premium chronographs. Still having trouble choosing? Then visit our showroom in Rotterdam to view your favorite models. On our site you can indicate which watches we should keep separate for you.

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