This app makes Android much better for Apple users

Sharing photos, videos and other messages between Apple and Android is sometimes quite difficult, but this app changes that!

iMessage on Android devices with Beeper Mini

Messages (or iMessage) is an easy way to share photos and videos between Apple devices. You retain the original quality of the images, just like the information that accompanies the photo or video. This way you can see which device the image was taken with, the location and the date (with time) of the photo. Unfortunately, this app has so far been limited to Apple devices, you cannot install iMessage on Android.

That has now changed, because with Beeper Mini you can use iMessage on an Android device. The app makes it a lot easier to share photos and videos from Apple to Android, without losing the original quality. With WhatsApp, images are often sent in lower quality to save data. In addition, Beeper Mini has even more advantages.


Join group chats in iMessage

With Beeper Mini, Android users can also participate in group conversations in iMessage. Previously this was only possible for Apple users, with a phone that runs on Android you had to rely on apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Now iMessage has been added, so you no longer need an extra app as an Android user! The messages from Android users will then appear in a blue text box.

Beeper Mini is free to install, but then costs money to use. You first get a free trial period of seven days, after which you have to pay 2.29 euros per month. This means you avoid text messaging costs, which is useful if that is not included in your bundle. For 2.29 euros per month you can then send unlimited photos, videos, voice messages and other text messages via iMessage with end-to-end encryption.


Beeper Cloud: all your chats in one place

Beeper Mini is less interesting for Apple users, but Beeper Cloud is recommended. With this app, all your different chats are collected in one app. This way you can see all conversations from WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Telegram and all other social media in Beeper Cloud. This way you can be sure that you won’t miss a single message. The app can be installed here:

Unlike Beeper Mini, you do not have to pay extra for Beeper Cloud. Due to the popularity of the app, Beeper does work with a waiting list. There is therefore a chance that you will first have to place yourself on the waiting list before you can use the app. It’s definitely worth the wait, because then you’ll never have to switch between all your different apps again!

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