This car brand refuses to support CarPlay 2.0

CarPlay 2.0 promises many new features and that’s great. This popular car brand is Apple’s partner, but refuses to support CarPlay 2.0.

This car brand refuses to support CarPlay 2.0

In an interview, Ola Källenius (the CEO of Mercedes-Benz) said that his company had no plans to support CarPlay 2.0. While the car brand was shown as a partner by Apple.

This car brand refuses to support CarPlay 2.0

The new version of CarPlay takes over the entire infotainment function of the car. And the CEO of Mercedes-Benz said in a podcast against The Verge’s Nilay Patel that they don’t feel like doing that at all. The company mainly focuses on their own operating system.

This does not mean that you cannot use CarPlay in a Mercedes at all. The car brand will of course continue to support the current version of Apple CarPlay. But that does mean that you can only use some functions.

Källenius adds ‘We are not planning to have the entire dashboard taken over. You step into your Mercedes bubble, and all the furniture and digital gadgets are from Mercedes.

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This is Apple CarPlay 2.0

The new version of Apple CarPlay has received a number of cool improvements. For example, you can control the air conditioning, radio and lighting in the vehicle with CarPlay 2.0. These settings appear on the control panel, and you no longer need the car’s physical buttons.

This is not yet possible with the current version of CarPlay. Now the operating system is limited to the functions on your iPhone. With CarPlay 2.0, Apple’s operating system is much better integrated into the entire car, but not every car brand intends to allow this.

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