This cunning trick allows iPhone apps to collect your data (and here’s how to prevent it)

Apps on your iPhone often collect data without you realizing it, even if you are not using the app. They use this cunning trick for that!

Apps secretly collect your data

A new way has been discovered that allows apps to secretly collect data from your iPhone. On your iPhone (and iPad), Apple allows applications to collect various data, provided you actively use the app. Do you close the application? The app then only has a short time to collect data in the background. The app is then closed completely, so that no more data is collected.

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Various apps have now come up with a trick for this, so that data is still collected in the background. The app sends a notification for this. Once you delete that notification, the application will have access to important data from your iPhone for a short time. This way, developers can still collect data on your iPhone without you realizing it.

This is how data collection works

Apps can be disabled so they cannot collect data from your iPhone, but that is the case when a notification is sent. Apple then allows these applications for a short period of time to collect data relevant to the notification. Developers have now discovered that this feature is being abused by large companies, allowing them to obtain much more information than is actually allowed.

This is probably also the reason why apps send notifications without it really being necessary. The video shared on X shows that large companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok collect a lot of information when a report is closed. This is sometimes far-reaching information, you can even see when your iPhone was last started. Companies can secretly collect this data on your iPhone by simply sending a notification.

Better protect data on iPhone

So much more data is collected from your iPhone in the background than previously thought. Fortunately, Apple has required developers to provide reasons for collecting certain data by spring 2024. With this, Apple tries to prevent apps like Facebook and TikTok from storing unnecessary private data from your iPhone. Companies then no longer have access to important data from the device, even when sending a notification.

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Do you want to be sure that apps do not secretly collect data from your iPhone? Then it is best to disable the notifications for these applications. You do this by going to ‘Notifications’ in your iPhone’s settings and turning off the switch behind ‘Allow notifications’ for certain apps. This way you can be sure that no data is collected from your iPhone in the background!

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