This iPhone calling feature prevents irritations (and you wish you had known sooner)

Your iPhone has a handy calling function with which you never have to wait again at the menus of, for example, customer services. Tells you exactly how you do that iPhoned you!

Secret Calling Feature on iPhone: Never Wait Again

Are you also tired of ending up in a super long and annoying menu of options every time you call customer service? You then have to choose several menu options before you finally get to speak to someone. That is now coming to an end, because with your iPhone you can easily bypass these annoying selection menus.

In order to bypass the selection menu, you must know exactly which choices you have to make. That’s why you have to make a call first to find out exactly which number to press. Often you first choose a number to indicate what you are calling for and then you have to go through a number of options before you are given the opportunity to speak to a person.

Calling iPhone Codes

Therefore, write down the choices you have to make as a series of numbers (for example 1, 4, 3, 4). After that, you can create a special contact in your iPhone. If you call that new contact, your iPhone will from now on automatically make the menu choices for you.

iPhone calling function: automatically scroll through selection menus

  1. Create a new contact on your iPhone by opening the ‘Contacts’ app and tapping the plus sign;

  2. Give the new contact a name;

  3. Add the phone number;

  4. Choose the ‘+*#’ key;

  5. Tap ‘pause’ and type the first song you wrote it down;

  6. Tap again on pause, enter the next number from the menu and repeat this step until you have had all the numbers;

  7. Tap ‘Done’ and the contact is ready to use.

Secret calling codes on iPhone: that’s how it works

The function uses a number of special characters. These special characters were already in the old modems that were used for dialing into the Internet. When you tap the pause button, your iPhone appends a comma (‘,’) to the phone number.

Your iPhone (and any other smartphone) uses this character to wait a few seconds before pressing the next number. It is also possible to place several commas in succession, in order to wait longer. You can then use this calling function on your iPhone to bypass the selection menus of customer services, among other things.

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