This iPhone feature drains your battery – turn it off!

Does your iPhone’s battery run out faster than you would like? There’s a good chance you’ve enabled an iPhone feature that’s draining your battery. We’ll show you how to turn this off again!

This iPhone feature drains your battery

Secretly, the iPhone function that drains your battery is actually quite a useful tool. This concerns the ‘Wifi assistance’ function, which helps to maintain your internet connection when you are on the road. But in practice it turns out to have a significant disadvantage.

Wi-Fi Assistance essentially fills in the gaps when your wireless Internet connection becomes slow, so you can always stay online. Apple itself indicates: β€œFor example, if you use Safari with a poor WiFi connection and a web page does not load, WiFi assistance is activated and you automatically switch to mobile data so that the web page continues to load.”

Useful but not necessary

The iPhone WiFi assistance function is certainly useful, but it defeats the purpose by draining your battery. In practice, it is not that often that you really need WiFi assistance and encounter major problems when it does not work.

This iPhone feature drains your battery – turn it off!

In addition to battery energy, the iPhone function also consumes quite a bit of mobile data. If you have a limited amount of data each month, this may be an additional reason to disable WiFi assistance.

Disable WiFi assistance

Fortunately, it’s very easy to disable the iPhone feature that drains your battery. If you ever encounter any problems, switching it on is just as easy.

  1. Open the Settings app;

  2. Tap ‘Mobile network’ and scroll down;

  3. Disable the ‘Wi-Fi assistance’ option.

iphone function battery

You probably won’t notice that WiFi assistance is disabled. In the worst case, you may occasionally have to wait a little longer for a website to load along the way. On the other hand, by disabling this iPhone function your battery will last a lot longer from now on!

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