This is how Apple protects you against fraud in the App Store (and that is becoming more difficult)

Quite a few new rules have been added regarding online stores in the European Union, so how does Apple protect you against fraud in the App Store?

New rules for the App Store

Since iOS 17.4, big changes have come to your iPhone. Apple finally allows third-party online stores in the latest iOS versions, allowing you to install apps without the Apple App Store. From iOS 17.5 onwards, Apple goes one step further, because then you have none at all app store need more. In that case, you can also install applications directly via a developer’s website.

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Apple has tried to prevent this for a long time, especially because the company is afraid of missing out on large amounts of money if developers start selling their own apps. That does not seem to be the case now, because Apple still charges developers a certain commission when offering apps through their own website. Another reason for Apple to stick with the App Store is user safety. According to Apple, fraud is a major problem at the App Store.

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App Store: $7 billion in fraud

Now that competition from the App Store is slowly emerging, Apple is making an effort to emphasize the security of the online store. According to the company, as many as 1.7 million apps will be rejected from the App Store in 2023 because they did not comply with the rules. Apple uses these rules to check the privacy, security and content of an app. This way, fraud in the App Store is consistently prevented.

The strict rules in the App Store have also caused Apple to close 374 million developer accounts. Also, 152 million ratings and reviews have been removed that were probably related to fraud in the App Store. Those are just the figures for one year. According to Apple, from 2020 to 2023, $7 billion in transactions related to fraud were stopped. During this period, Apple also blocked another 14 million stolen credit cards.

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Security is extremely important at Apple

User safety is therefore high on Apple’s agenda, especially to prevent fraud in the App Store. A team of about five hundred Apple employees checks an average of 132,500 apps per week. In addition, the team checks (in combination with automated checks) which payment cards are likely to be used to commit fraud.

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Apple’s message is clear: the App Store is a very safe environment to buy your apps. That is certainly true, and that is an advantage that alternative online stores do not yet have. Therefore, be careful when installing applications via app stores or third party websites. Apple also applies rules there, but the chance of fraud is greater than in the App Store. Do you want to install an app directly from the internet or an alternative online store? Then be extra careful.

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