This is how bad Apple’s FineWoven case looks after 5 months

Apple introduced the FineWoven case last year, but the case doesn’t seem to last long at all. This is the case after five months!

New FineWoven case from Apple

Sustainability has been extremely important to Apple for a long time, but it received even more attention during the iPhone 15 presentation. For example, the Apple Watch Series 9 was Apple’s first CO2-neutral product. This fits within the company’s goal of only selling CO2-neutral products before 2030. To achieve this, Apple also announced the new FineWoven case last year.

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These cases are made of a new type of textile and replace Apple’s leather cases. FineWoven is made from recycled microtwill, which Apple says feels like suede. FineWoven produces far fewer emissions than leather, but Apple has already warned of a number of disadvantages. The textile type is much more sensitive to stains. It now appears that the quality of the FineWoven case is deteriorating very quickly.

Cases cause problems

So it was already clear that the FineWoven case is very sensitive to stains and scratches. Complaints about these problems already surfaced in the first weeks after the release of the new covers. Now, six months later, we have a better idea of ​​how sustainable the case actually is. The fears of most reviewers have now been confirmed: the FineWoven case won’t last long at all.

Rachel Mendelsona journalist from The Wall Street Journal, shared the condition of her case after five months of use. The photos show that parts of the FineWoven case have faded and the outer layer has worn off. Mendelson followed Apple’s advice and cleaned the case with water and detergent, but to no avail.

fine-woven case

That’s how expensive the FineWoven case is

The FineWoven case is therefore extremely sensitive to damage, but this is not reflected in the price. The new case is as expensive as the leather cases, which Apple has now withdrawn from sale. You pay no less than 69 euros for a FineWoven case with MagSafe for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is the standard price of the new FineWoven cases and for the FineWoven card holders with MagSafe.

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Apple itself has already indicated that it is not yet known what the exact lifespan of the FineWoven material is, because the textile type is relatively new. In any case, it seems that you can buy a new case after a year, so it is better to ignore the FineWoven case. Are you still looking for a new iPhone 15 case? Then view other cool cases here!

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