This is how cool the first Apple Vision Pro apps look

The Apple Vision Pro can already be pre-ordered in America, but what do the apps look like on this brand new device? We show you a few!

This is what the Apple Vision Pro apps look like

The Apple Vision Pro is brand new, but there are already more than 250 apps that support visionOS (the operating system of Apple’s VR glasses) from release. Of course, the glasses also work with the standard iPhone and iPad apps, but these of course look less cool than the apps that fully support visionOS. We therefore show you a few!

vision pro Mac screen

Carrot Weather

One of the apps that gets a special version for the Apple Vision Pro is Carrot Weather. It is a weather app that mainly distinguishes itself by the sarcastic way in which the weather report is presented. Although the app provides you with accurate weather forecasts, this is combined with funny jokes and sadistic comments.

carrot again apple vision pro

It is a popular app on the iPhone, iPad and Mac and it is now also available for the Apple Vision Pro. The app has been given a new design in visionOS. But even more fun is the new, interactive three-dimensional globe on which you can see all kinds of information.

Carrot Weather is free to download and use. But the app also has a subscription, which gives you many more functions.


The popular Zoom app also looks very different on the Apple Vision Pro than on your iPhone. You can use the app in AR (augmented reality), so that the windows, as it were, float in your room. But it is also possible to use a digital background so that you stand in a kind of virtual meeting room.

zoom apple vision pro

The app has support for Personas. This is a digital version of yourself created by the Vision Pro cameras. Your colleagues will then see these personas during a video call.

This is the Apple Visio Pro in short

Apple announced the Apple Vision Pro during WWDC 2023. This is Apple’s first new device since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2014. The company’s mixed reality headset runs on the new visionOS. This new OS version has been specially developed for the headset and includes modified versions of apps such as FaceTime and Photos.

The advanced VR glasses can now be pre-ordered from Apple. The VR glasses will be available in American stores from Friday, February 2. It is not yet known when the Vision Pro will also come to other countries.

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