This is how you connect Google Calendar with Apple’s Calendar app on iPhone and Mac

Apple’s built-in calendar app can be easily supplemented with many other calendar apps. In this tip, we will show you how to sync Google Calendar with Apple Calendar.

Sync Google Calendar with iPhone and Mac

Apple’s default Calendar app is a favorite of many. The app synchronizes very quickly between all your different Apple devices and is a practical reminder, especially on the Apple Watch.

Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

Yet there are many companies that use services such as Google Calendar for scheduling appointments. Fortunately, you can easily sync all this data and add it to Apple’s Calendar app. This works as follows:

Syncing Google Calendar with iPhone and Mac: this is how you do it

  1. Open the Calendar app on your iMac or MacBook;
  2. Click on ‘Agenda’ in the top left corner of the screen;
  3. Click on Preferences;
  4. Choose the Accounts tab;
  5. Click on the little plus sign at the bottom left of the window;
  6. Choose Google and follow the steps on the screen;
  7. When you are logged in, all appointments will appear in the app.

On the iPhone and iPad it works slightly differently: you go to the Settings app, select ‘Accounts’ and then log in with the Google account that is linked to your Google Calendar. After logging in, set the switch behind ‘Agenda’ to green.

Now that your Google account is linked to the Calendar app, you can also choose how often the appointments are synchronized. Whether it makes sense to synchronize the calendar every five minutes or every hour depends on how intensively the service is used.

Set a sync time

You can set this up by going through the above steps again and choosing the time indication in the window with your accounts behind the heading ‘Refresh calendars’. Although Google Calendar is the most popular calendar service, you can also use this tip to add your appointments made with your Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook accounts to the app. This turns the Apple Calendar app into a repository of all your appointments that you have recorded online.

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