This is the nicest tech for the winter


When we talk about nice and smart products for outside, we usually think about the summer. But even in the cold months there are plenty of tech products that make your life better. In this article we mainly look at products for outdoors and on the road, but you will also find some useful products for indoors.

ComfortTrends Garden socket

price: € 20.00

If you want to connect a camera, a patio heater or something else outside, then of course you need power. Chances are that you only have one power connection for outside. This ComfortTrends socket is specially made for outdoor use and offers you two sockets. Moreover, it is handy that you can plug the socket into the earth using the supplied skewer. The sockets are grounded and can handle a maximum of 3500 watts. To top it all off, the socket also has a time switch.

Garden socket

ZAWA Deals Outdoor Smart Plug

price: € 59

An alternative is this smart external socket from ZAWAdeals. Turn one outlet into two with this socket that you can operate with your smartphone. The socket is specially made for outside and can talk to, among others, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and the IFTTT service. This is possible because the socket is equipped with a WiFi transmitter. To use the socket with your smartphone, you must install the Smart Life app.

WellTherm Stream & Beam

price: € 509

This patio heater has a capacity of 2000 watts and can therefore heat an area of ​​up to twelve square meters. The heating can be switched on or off via an app and also contains a soundbar and LED lighting so that you actually do not need other things in your garden. This way you can also sit outside in the winter and enjoy the warmth and some music.


Eurom Golden 2500 Shadow

price: € 179.99

Slightly cheaper is this terrace heater from Eurom. As you can see from the name, the Golden 2500 has a capacity of 2500 watts. The heating only weighs three kilos, but can still heat a terrace or balcony of 25 to 50 square meters. You can switch the patio heater on or off with the supplied remote control. The Golden 2500 Shadow has two positions and does not deliver a bright red light, unlike other patio heaters.

Philips Hue Econic base lamp

price: € 129.95

Lighting your garden is not only fun for summer evenings, you also want your garden to look beautiful in winter. Philips Hue has been a household name for smart lamps for years, but Philips also has a lot of useful products for the garden. All lamps can be connected wirelessly to a Hue Bridge, with which you can control up to fifty lamps with your smartphone. This lamp has an LED lamp that you can use to create millions of different color shades for your garden.

Philips Hue Base lamp

Sinji Smart Outdoor Camera

price: € 59.95

To properly protect your garden, you need a camera that can do a number of things well. First, it must be a waterproof product, second, it is important that the camera has a night mode to be able to recognize people in the dark. The camera has a protection code of IP66, which means that it is water resistant. It can handle a hundred liters per minute, so a heavy rain shower must survive.

Sinji Smart Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

price: € 179

The camera from Google has an IP65 code and this means that, although it is spray-proof, you should not expose the camera to a prolonged rain shower. The Google Nest outdoor camera does score extremely well in terms of ease of use and quality of the camera. The device can send notifications directly to your smartphone and it is even possible to talk live via the camera with people who automatically register the camera.

Netatmo Presence

price: € 249

Netatmo is another major player in the camera market. The Presence is made for hanging outside and can light up your garden in addition to recording video. Through the app you can watch and possibly put the spotlight on remotely as a deterrent. Netatmo Presence can detect if a person, animal or for example a car enters your site, the camera also works together with Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

Netatmo Presence

Yale Smart Home All-in-One

price: € 129

With the Yale Smart Home All-in-One camera you can see who is walking around your house at all times. If the smart camera records movements, it sends this via the app to your smartphone. You can then choose to trigger an alarm or turn on the spotlight. If it is the postman, you can also give remote instructions where, for example, the package must be delivered. The camera also supports SD cards so that you can watch videos afterwards.

König Smart Siren Outdoor

price: € 29.95

If you have installed a König camera system, you can expand it with the Smart Siren Outdoor. If the camera sees an intruder, it can automatically trigger an alarm via this smart siren. You can of course also set the König app to trigger an alarm manually or turn off a false alarm quickly. Before purchasing, carefully check whether the alarm is compatible with your alarm system.

Konig Smart Siren

Stick Up Cam Battery

price: € 199

This indoor and outdoor HD camera runs on an internal battery and you therefore do not need to connect it to the mains. Via the Ring app you can connect multiple cameras into one system and view an overview of all your security cameras on your smartphone. The camera can of course automatically detect movements and report this to you via the app. The camera is available in black or white.


Nordstrom Touchscreen Gloves

price: € 46.26

A source of annoyance: it is -5 degrees, you cannot leave the house without gloves, but you still want to be able to use your smartphone. The solution: special gloves that allow you to type, swipe and tap on your device without any problems. These Nordstrom gloves are not cheap, but do guarantee that you can quietly Instagram if you are bluffing at the station.

USB-powered heated gloves

price: € 3.48

Another option: go for gloves without fingertips. The advantage is that you can continue typing with this. The disadvantage is of course that your fingertips still get cold. These gloves that you find on AliExpress offer relief. Both gloves come with plugs that you can connect to an USB power bank via an adapter cable. There is a heating element in the gloves so that your fingers stay nice and warm.

USB glove

Bluetooth hat Beanie

price: € 25

No more hassle with cables that you have to try to wriggle under your hat or headphones that have to fall just right over your hat. This bluetooth hat has two built-in speakers that fall just over your ears. The Bluetooth hat is available in all kinds of different colors for both men and women. You can turn the volume up and down with two small buttons on the hat’s label.

Ember Travel Mug 2

price: € 199.95

A smart thermos for 200 euros? It must be very special. As a seasoned coffee lover you naturally want your drink to always have the perfect temperature. The Travel Mug 2 holds the desired temperature for no less than three hours. You can adjust the temperature on the thermos flask itself, but of course you can also read the exact temperature on the Ember app. Helpful? Well, you have to determine that for yourself.

Ember Travel Mug

Eve Cream

price: € 99.95

In the winter you probably open your windows less often. With the Eve Room you can see how things are going with the air quality in your house. It not only measures the temperature and humidity, but can also measure the amount of volatile organic compounds. On the display of the Eve Room you see a number of asterisks: five stars means that the air is of good quality.

Shoefresh shoe dryer

price: € 119

In the winter you often come in with wet and dirty shoes. A smart idea to put this Shoefresh shoe dryer at the front door. Not only will your shoes become dry again within half an hour, the integrated air freshener will also give you fresh shoes in no time. In addition to shoes, the device can also dry boots, gloves and helmets. The Shoefresh shoe dryer is of Dutch origin, not surprising considering the number of rainy days in our country.


Warmies Slippies Comfort

price: € 23.61

Another product for your feet! Also always suffer from cold ice clogs in winter? No problem with these slippers. These are not ordinary slippers, by the way, you throw the Slippies Comfort in the microwave for sixty seconds at 800 watts. The slippers stay warm for one to two hours, so you will never have cold feet again. The slippers are filled with grains and lavender, no water is involved. The slippers are available in different colors. The Warmies Slippies are available in various web stores.


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