This is why one AirPod drains faster than the other

Do you often use AirPods? And have you ever noticed that one AirPod runs out of power faster than the other? We’ll tell you why.

This is why an AirPod sometimes runs out of power faster

It’s quite annoying when your AirPods are empty, but by putting them in your charging case you can use them again. But have you ever noticed that one AirPod runs out of power faster than the other? Strange, right? Not at all, here’s why.

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1. Check the charging case

If one of your AirPods is often empty, you should immediately check whether the AirPod in question can charge properly in the box. When you put the AirPods in the charging case, one of the ‘stems’ may not make good contact with the charging points. In that case, the AirPod will not be fully charged (or even not charged at all).

This can have several causes. The charging case may be broken, but it probably isn’t. It is more likely that dirt has accumulated in the box near the contact points. Is there a lot of dust in it? You can easily remove this with a wooden cocktail stick. Are the contact points dirty? Then you use a cotton swab, possibly with some alcohol (96%) to clean it.

2. What features are set on your AirPods?

Are your AirPods clean and charging properly? Then there’s another reason why one AirPod runs out of power faster than the other. You can set what should happen when you press and hold the AirPods, but this is only possible with the AirPods Pro. For example, do you set Siri to the AirPod on the left? And do you often use the assistant? Then that AirPod will be empty faster than the other.


3. Which AirPod do you use more often?

Even taking one of your AirPods off for a moment (when you want to talk to someone) affects the battery life. The AirPod you are wearing will then empty a lot faster.

Would you rather buy real AirPods?

Do your AirPods need replacing? Then you still have to decide which AirPods you want. Do you go for AirPods with noise canceling or without? The best AirPods without noise cancellation are the Apple AirPods 3 (but the AirPods 2 are also good and often extra cheap). Below you will find the best deals!

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Do you prefer AirPods with noise cancellation? Then you should go to the AirPods Pro. They are a bit more expensive than the AirPods 3, but also have noise cancellation. For the best prices, check the overview below.

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