This smart camera from Action keeps an eye on things

Are you looking for a security camera, but don’t want to spend too much? Then this smart camera from Action is a great buy!


  • Low price

  • Includes solar panel

  • Easy in use


  • Installation sometimes unclear

  • Translation in the app leaves much to be desired

  • Video quality sometimes grainy

LSC Smart Connect outdoor IP camera review

LSC Smart Connect: smart camera from the Action

Do you have a lot of trouble with scum around your house or are there regular break-ins in your area? Then a security camera is an excellent deterrent. And if something does happen, the perpetrators can be caught a lot easier.

action camera solar panel

The Action LSC Smart Connect outdoor IP camera is such a security camera. The nice thing about this IP camera is its price and that it even comes with a solar panel. So you don’t have to plug this camera into the wall socket or replace the batteries every time. Handy, right?

The LSC Smart Connect outdoor IP camera costs 37.95 euros and can only be ordered online on the Action website. Please note that you will still have to pay €4.99 in shipping costs.

View the IP camera at Action

Installation: sometimes unclear

The installation is largely self-explanatory and you can set up the camera via the LSC Smart Connect app. However, we must immediately admit that the app is not always clear. Sometimes you have to check an option before a button becomes active. That doesn’t always work logically.

You can also set the camera by scanning the QR code that the app shows. And don’t wait until you hear the beep from the camera that the connection was successful.

We were probably not patient enough the first few times and as a result we were unable to connect to the camera. On the third scan, everything went fine (and a lot faster).

installation camera action

LSC Smart Connect app

Once you get through the installation procedure, the app works fine. It has a clear layout with almost only icons. The LSC Smart Connect app is entirely in Dutch, but it is a pity that there are some untranslated (English) texts here and there.

In the app you can view the camera image via the internet, but there is more. It is possible to start a ‘phone call’, so that you can talk to someone standing by the camera. Well, talking, the quality of the sound of the intercom leaves much to be desired, because the built-in speaker and microphone are not very good. So keep in mind that you will hear a lot of noise and will have to use a loud voice.

action camera outside

Camera image: good enough for this price range

The quality of the camera image is sufficient to good (Full HD, 1080p). At a distance of about 3-4 meters you can see the details well in daylight, but with a lot of backlight the camera has a bit more difficulty.

You can also set the camera to a lower resolution (so that the stored files become smaller), but then the video quality is still too low. An SD card slot is available so you can store the images. Videos and photos can also be taken via the app and you can then immediately save them to your iPhone.

In addition, there is a night mode on the camera and it works well. Don’t expect miracles, but at night you can still recognize the people who go somewhere they shouldn’t be.

The camera has a built-in PIR sensor (Passive InfraRood Sensor). It automatically detects movements of heat sources and then sends you a notification. You must of course allow the app to send you notifications. Here too you will see that the translation of the app leaves something to be desired, because you will receive a half Dutch, half English warning on your iPhone if someone is spotted.

Other functions

A striking function of the Action camera is the sound of a siren in case there are scum on your private property. However, this siren doesn’t sound too loud and is even a bit clumsy. This will cause more of a questioning look than someone running away.

creepy stalker

Solar panel and battery life

The most interesting feature of this camera is the included solar panel. This means you never have to charge the camera again. You mount the panel near the camera and connect it via the USB-C port.

As a test, we also disconnected the solar panel. After having the camera on constantly for about half an hour and streaming via the app the entire time, the battery has consumed about 10 percent. Normally the camera will only switch on when motion is detected, so the battery life is good.

Conclusion: review camera of the Action

The Action LSC Smart Connect outdoor IP camera is an excellent smartcam to hang outdoors. The camera is IP65 certified and can therefore even withstand a heavy downpour. Comparable cameras with approximately the same functions are often much more expensive, especially with a solar panel that comes standard with this camera.

The app is complete and (after installation) easy to use. Too bad the translation leaves something to be desired. The image quality of the video is good to reasonable, but could be better. The photos that the camera itself takes when someone is detected are slightly inferior to the pictures you see during a broadcast of Opsporing Verzocht. But let’s be honest: for a camera in this price range it is certainly sufficient.

All the functions you expect from an IP camera are present. And although the siren is not really loud and the microphone and speaker also leave something to be desired, it does its main tasks well. Make sure that you hang the camera close to your WiFi router, otherwise the connection with the camera via the app will be (just a bit too) poor.

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