This way you can find the perfect film or series on Netflix


The choice is huge on Netflix. That is why it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect film or series for a “Netflix and chill” evening. This way you can find the perfect film and series on Netflix.

Leave the home screen

All sorts of lists of films and series are displayed on your home screen based on what Netflix is ​​pushing to be seen and based on your previous viewing behavior. This means that you will not see the full range in these lists. So there is a good chance that you will miss something. So go out of the home screen and start searching in the categories. When you display this on block display (this can be done from your laptop) and then sort from A to Z, you see the full range of what Netflix has to offer in that genre.

Use the codes

In almost all Netflix viewing tips articles, the “secret Netflix codes” are mentioned. These are the codes that you can paste into your browser to search for a very specific genre film or series. You will find an extensive list of these codes here.

Clean up your look further list

Do you want to get better suggestions from Netflix, but now you only get messed up? That is probably because there are a lot of pulp films in your “look further” list. Clean it up to reset Netflix. This article explains how to clean up your viewing list.

“More like this”

Netflix offers the option to view recommendations on some platforms. So if you have seen a movie or series that you really like, you can look at the “more like this” offer. On tablets with Android you can access this option by tapping the information icon next to the movie or series. In addition to episodes you will find the option with recommendations there. On your laptop you can click on the down arrow and then find this option in the drop down menu.

More like this

Use roulette

Can’t really make a choice? Then you can always have one Netflix roulette site use. These types of sites (also often downloadable as an app) give you the option to filter based on genre and, for example, IMDB assessment, and then select a film for you. Incidentally, these types of sites are based on an American offer, so you might have to make a few attempts before you have found a film that also falls under the Dutch offer.


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