This way you can protect your Google account with your phone

Key door security

In April last year, Google announced that users can now use their Android phone as security keys for Google accounts. Recently this option is also available for iPhones. We explain how that works.

Within your Google account you can now use your iPhone as a security key using two-factor authentication. This works for Gmail, Google Drive and other Google services. If you want to log in to these services, enter your username and password as always, but now also ensure that Bluetooth is switched on on your iPhone. Then your phone recognizes that you want to log in to the relevant Google account, just as it works with a physical security key.

To work

To set your iPhone as a security key, you must first be sure that it runs on iOS 10 (which was released in September 2016) or later. You must also ensure that you install the Smart-Lock app (version 1.6 or later) on your iPhone. Android phones do not need this app.

Then you switch on the two-factor authentication, by going to your Google account and in the left navigation pane on Security to click. Click in the window Log in to Google on Authentication in two to step and then on To work. Then follow the steps that you see on the screen.

Google Smart Lock
To set your iPhone as a security key, you must download the Smart-Lock app (version 1.6 or later).

Once you’ve done this, surf to the Chrome browser (other browsers are currently not supported) to this link. Select Two-step verification below Log in to Google and click Add security key. There you find now iPhone. If you want to add your Android phone as a security key, then of course press Android.

Press Add, follow the on-screen instructions and enable the built-in security key on your iPhone by pressing Yes, I participate if prompted. There is not much more to it.

Much safer

Every time you log in to your Google account and have Bluetooth switched on, your iPhone will receive a message for verification via the Smart-Lock app.

Also make sure that you have to be close to your laptop or computer when you log in to your account, otherwise your iPhone or Android phone cannot make the link. This may sound like an annoying limitation, but it is actually a lot safer than the Google Authenticator app, for example, where the verification code is generated within the app instead of directly in the iPhone.


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