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It is good to be aware of the latest watch trends. Whether you’re looking for a watch for yourself or for someone else, it doesn’t hurt to keep up with the times. In this article you will find something for everyone, from newtro (new + retro) to colorful or subdued minimalist. In any case, what many designers have agreed on is that positive colors fit in 2022. Colors such as green and pink. Furthermore, collaborations between celebrities and brands are also becoming increasingly popular. Below we highlight some trends that can inspire both women and men.

Watch trend 1: Completely in style with a retro watch

Retro and vintage style have become an indispensable part of the fashion scene. Nostalgia is a strong emotion and this is often reflected in the products we purchase. Whether it concerns watches, cars, clothing or furniture; retro is all the rage.

▴ Casio Vintage Edgy CA-53WF-4BEF

One well-known brand with several vintage models in the collection is Casio. When it comes to retro, time is circular instead of linear. History repeats itself and Casio proves this with the Vintage Edgy that you could have spotted on the wrist of a hacker or a mathematician in the 80s.

▴ Hamilton PSR h52414130

How about the Hamilton American Classics H52414130 PSR? Hamilton has managed to bring a watch to the market that looks retro and futuristic at the same time. This silver, Swiss Made watch has a black display with red numbers. The company has given this classic model a new look in honor of its 50th anniversary. The watch has a hybrid LCD and OLED screen and a stainless steel case that flows flawlessly into the metal strap. This digital quartz watch is also waterproof up to 10ATM.

▴ Bulova 96a282 Hack watch

Less futuristic, but wonderfully retro. The Bulova 96A282 Hack A11 watch has a rich history that goes back to an eventful past. The A11 has its origins in the Second World War. American soldiers were assigned this legendary watch. The A11 isn’t the only watch in the US military at the time, but it was certainly the most iconic. The technology in this watch is just as interesting as its history…

All watches had to have “hacking”. This means that the seconds hand stops completely when you pull out the crown. Something that we now find normal with a quartz watch. That guarantees easy synchronization and accurate timing. In short: a high-quality timepiece that has been passed on from father to son over the years.

Watch trend 2: Fresh, positive colors

It’s only January, but time flies… if you’re not paying attention, it’s already spring! With every new season and every new year we always ask ourselves: what colors are in? Of course, everyone has his or her own style. Ultimately, it is important that you go for the colors that make you happy. Spring and summer are warm and fresh and that is reflected in the colors that are trending. Some colors that stand out for us this season are pink and green. Below you will find watches from our range that fall exactly within that framework.

▴ Swatch Rubin Rebel SUOR704

Hot Pink!

Pink is a color that not only inspires but can also bring a smile. Pink stands out and it is a trend color that you cannot ignore, especially in the warmer months. Have you ever thought about a pink watch?

Swatch has managed to beautifully combine the colors pink and yellow with the Swatch Rubin Rebel watch. The whole thing fits together seamlessly. A fresh watch that is ideal for spring and summer. Although we think that the Rubin Rebel can also be worn in winter to give some more color to the dark days. The watch is splash-proof, so you can take it to the pool or beach without worry (as long as you take the watch off before taking a dip). On the dial you will also find a date display that ties in nicely with the minimalist design that is so characteristic of Swatch.

Green? Doing!

Green can always be combined well. Apple green in particular is a color that will come back a lot this year. Green has an unmistakable association with nature and good health. For example, take a look at this watch from Ice-Watch…

Stylish and flashy; the Classic Generation Flashy Green with its silky soft silicone strap and round case make it a trendy watch. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or shopping in the city center, this watch will definitely add a modern touch to many outfits. Furthermore, this watch is waterproof up to 10ATM, so you can go swimming with it with peace of mind. A fresh watch that won’t bother you much, especially in the summer months.

▴ Ice-Watch generation Flashy green 019160

Watch trend 3: Celebrity collabs

What is it with collaborations between celebs and brands? Or collaborations between two brands? We see it happening more and more often. You can recognize them by the x’s between the names. For example, think of Swatch x Peanuts or Fossil x Space Jam Bugs Bunny for kids.

Brands love collaborations because it is beneficial for both parties. And for the fans of course, because limited edition watches are unique and can increase in value. Below we have highlighted a few examples of such collaborations.

And, pssst: Fossil will soon release a very special collab with a dark film character. Keep an eye on this blog for the latest news!

▴ G-Shock

G-Shock x Kanoa Igarashi is another great example of a collab. Already the second collaboration between G-Shock, which always remains relevant when it comes to new developments, and the Japanese-American world-class surfer Kanoa Igarashi. Unlike the bright colors we talked about above, this watch is a cool, nondescript black, so it won’t attract the sharks. 😉

In the bezel you see Kanoa’s signature and a cool graphic of the young surfer conquering a wave. The watch has Bluetooth and has more useful features, such as a tide graph and information about when the sun rises and sets. Super handy!

▴ TW-Steel X Blast

It is fitting that TW Steel, a young Dutch brand founded 17 years ago, has entered into a partnership with Blast e-sports. It is a brand that is committed to both functionality and aesthetics and that is clearly reflected in this sturdy watch.

TW Steel x Blast e-sports is another collaboration to be happy about. The Maverick MS98 – Wasteland Rebel watch is a fusion that both parties can be proud of. Once again we see dark colors with cool ornaments, just like in the G-Shock x Kanoa Igarashi.

Inspired by CS:GO (Counter-Strike): a classic game still played by millions of gamers worldwide; This also applies to e-sports tournaments. The style of this watch is derived from a design called Wasteland Rebel that most gamers will immediately recognize.

wasteland rebel
▴ Wasteland Rebel

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