Throw it: will the iPhone 14 (Pro Max) survive the drop test?

It seems to become a tradition: buy the new iPhones and drop them from great heights to see if they survive. In this article you can read everything about the drop test of the iPhone 14 (Pro Max).

Dropping your iPhone begins is almost tradition

After every release of an iPhone it’s the same song again; countless YouTubers, apparently with too much money, drop their iPhones on all kinds of different surfaces. Not that we mind. This way we immediately know how much we should be shocked if our review copy slips out of our hands.

In this article you can read everything about a drop test of the iPhone 14. A video has also appeared online that compares the robustness of the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the Samsung S22 Ultra.

Striking: iPhone 14 Pro does not survive drop test

The YouTuber GizmoSlip immediately turned out to be extreme. Instead of dropping the iPhone on grass or sand, he immediately dropped it from his hands onto concrete. In his YouTube video, which you see above, you see the iPhone 14 Pro not surviving the drop test with a lot of drama.

Not surprisingly, the glass breaks and there is damage to the camera lenses in the event of a fall from behind. The latter could be because the iPhone 14 Pro models have cameras that stick out further.

Drop test: iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Another YouTube channel, PhoneBuff, also shared a video using concrete as the substrate. Here we see a drop test of both the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. We see a glass front and back on both flagships of these competitors. According to the companies, both phones also have special material (Gorilla Glass and Ceramic Shield) to prevent the glass from breaking.

There are also differences, especially in the design of the side. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a stainless steel frame and a flat bezel. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is more curved and the rest is made of aluminum. Do the differences in material matter?

Still, both smartphones saw damage in every drop test. When they fell on their backs, we saw damage to the cameras and some cracks. The frames (of different materials) also did not survive when they were dropped on their sides. However, both phones continued to work. In the drop test of the front display, both screens shattered, but on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the cracks were confined to one corner. The competitor had cracks all over the display.

hammer test iPhone

Apple iPhone 14 vs. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Technically, the iPhone 14 Pro Max “won” in this test. But in the end, the YouTubers are the biggest losers. They have one or more broken telephones. In addition, it is clear that no smartphone manufacturer has succeeded in making unbreakable glass.

It is nice to know that Apple has made it easier to repair the iPhone 14 or have it repaired. There is now an option to open the iPhone 14 from the back. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the iPhone 14 Pro (Max).

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