Tim Cook explains why we need a new iPhone every year

Tim Cook visited Europe. He made some interesting statements in an interview about Apple and the future of the iPhone.

Interview with Tim Cook

In a interview with Brut Tim Cook tells us more about the future of the iPhone and Apple. The interview took place in Europe, at an Apple data center in Denmark.

The first question the interviewer asks is about the iPhone. He asks whether it is really necessary to release a new iPhone every year.

Set iphone 15 action button

Tim Cook sidesteps the question a bit and says that it is nice for people who want a new iPhone every year. He then goes on to say that Apple has the option to return your old iPhone. They can then sell the iPhone again if it still works. And if the device no longer functions, they can take it apart and use the material for a new iPhone.

The interview then continues. The next question is about the future of the iPhone. The interviewer wants to know what we can expect from the iPhone, about 20 to 30 years from now.

According to Tim Cook, the iPhone will then be climate neutral. He also says that the iPhone will also be a lot more advanced than it is now. But he doesn’t want to reveal all of Apple’s secrets just yet.

When asked what Tim Cook himself is doing for the climate, he said the following.

I own an electric car and try to avoid plastic and plastic bottles as much as possible. I recycle and do composting. I also try to do everything as climate neutrally as possible.

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