Time to blossom: Watch trends spring and summer 2024

A new spring means new watches! The watch trends for spring 2024 are mainly cheerful. Soft pastel colors, digital retro watches and a reunion with well-known comic and cartoon characters. Just like in the previous season, the watch trends for women and men run parallel. More and more watches are coming onto the market with an integrated strap that can be worn by both women and men.

The most important watch trend this spring: watches with an integrated steel strap

What started with the reintroduction of the Tissot PRX in 2020 has now become a sustainable trend: watches with an integrated steel strap. This means: a watch where it appears as if the steel strap is part of the case. This type of case and strap first became popular in the 1970s and is currently a real hype.

Other well-known examples of this type of watch are the Maurice Lacroix Aikon line and the very popular Citizen Tsuyosa series. This last collection will be supplemented in 2024 with new color variants especially for the European market.

We now also find watches with an integrated strap for both women and men in the collection of many other watch brands. For example at Festina Swiss Made, Candino Ladies and the Certina DS-7 line. The Timex Q – a remake of a classic model – is also an example of a watch with an integrated strap.

Citizen Tsuyosa NJ0159-86Z
▴Citizen Tsuyosa NJ0159-86Z
Festina F20035/3
▴ Festina F20035/3

Candino Ladies C47514-15624311
▴ Candino Ladies C47514-15624311
Maurice Lacroix Aikon AI6007-SP012-130
▴ Maurice Lacroix Aikon AI6007-SP012-130

Watch colors spring 2024

The eighties are back in fashion and we notice this in the watch trend colors of this season. In many brands we see pastel shades such as light blue and pink dials and shiny metallic dials that are made up of multiple pastel colors in a color gradient. Very summery and very Miami Vice!

Ice Watch Sunset 015743
▴ Ice Watch Sunset 015743

Swatch What if?  SO34J700
▴ Swatch What if? SO34J700

Citizen Elegance FE1241-71X
▴Citizen Elegance FE1241-71X

Retro eighties digital watches

The leading brand in the field of vintage look digital watches is and remains the brand that developed and made this watch type great: Casio. While Casio remains traditional with the reissue of the Casiotron, other brands are taking a different tack.

Casio LA700WE-4AEF
▴ Casio LA700WE-4AEF

Casiotron TRN-50-2AER
▴ Casiotron TRN-50-2AER

Ice-Watch digital retro watches are available in many colors and have a comfortable and trendy silicone strap. Timex, on the other hand, has entered into a partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York. These digital retro models depict works of art that can be seen in the museum, such as Hokusai’s world-famous wave print.

Ice Watch Digital 022060
▴ Ice Watch Digital 022060

Lacoste Berlin 2020136
▴ Lacoste Berlin 2020136

Timex X The Met TW2W25200
▴ Timex X The Met TW2W25200

Ongoing trend: vintage-inspired and heritage watches

This season we see a lot of retro digital watches. These watches are part of the larger vintage inspired trend that has been emerging for a few years. In the beginning mainly with the major luxury brands. They mainly released heritage reissues and reinterpretations of watches from their own archive. Today the trend has shifted to more trendy brands that have not been around for very long, such as Michael Kors. They have revived their successful model from the noughties – Slim Runway.

Seiko Alpinist SPB379J1
▴ Seiko Alpinist SPB379J1

Michael Kors Slim Runway mk7467
▴ Michael Kors Slim Runway mk7467

Lorus rl439bx9
▴ Lorus rl439bx9

The Japanese watch brands, like the aforementioned Casio, also hark back to their own rich past. For example, Lorus and Seiko also regularly release retro-inspired watches or reissues of classics.

Even more nostalgia: comic, game and cartoon characters

Cartoons and comic books are no longer just for children. Adults also still enjoy the adventures of superheroes such as Batman, retro games such as Space Invaders or the cartoons of Charles M. Schulz. The watches with cartoon and cartoon characters are therefore noticeably mature watches. Moreover, they are usually collaborations or limited editions that are adorned by these nostalgic heroes and heroines. So keep an eye on our page with special and limited editions for the latest models.

Timex X Peanuts
▴ Timex

Police Forever Batman pewgd0022601
▴ Police Forever Batman pewgd0022601

▴ G-Shock

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