Tip: How to remove spam from your iPhone calendar (and prevent it)

Are you getting strange messages or spam on your iPhone? Chances are you accidentally subscribed to a spam calendar. iPhoned show you how to solve this problem and get rid of the unwanted messages as soon as possible.

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Spam in your iPhone calendar

Anyone can create a calendar that you can subscribe to. Usually these are handy lists with, for example, all days off or with which you add birthdays to your agenda. However, sometimes the public diaries are used for less neat purposes, such as spreading spam and suspicious links.

When you first see the intrusive notifications of a spam calendar, you might think you’ve even got a virus on your iPhone. Fortunately, this is usually not the case and it almost always involves a subscription to a spam agenda.

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Get rid of it! Delete spam calendar

Deleting a spam agenda can be done in several ways. The easiest way that works for all versions of iOS is as follows:

This is how you remove spam from your iPhone calendar:

  1. Open the Settings app;

  2. Tap Calendar > Accounts. Do you have an older iOS version? Then tap on ‘Passwords and accounts > Accounts’;

  3. Choose ‘Calendars with subscription’;

  4. Check the list and tap the calendar you want to delete;

  5. Tap ‘Delete account’ to get rid of the spam calendar.

spam in iPhone calendar

Remove unwanted calendar (even) faster

If you have an iPhone (with iOS 14.6 or newer), there is an even faster way to delete the calendar.

  1. Open the Calendar app;
  2. Tap on one of the unwanted notifications in the calendar;
  3. At the bottom, tap ‘Unsubscribe from this calendar’;
  4. Then choose ‘Unsubscribe’.

Spam in your iPhone calendar: where does it come from?

You probably accidentally tapped ‘OK’ one too many times while surfing. Not so strange when you see how many notifications you get when visiting a website.

Unfortunately, the creators of this type of spam are becoming more and more savvy. So pay particular attention to when you receive a notification when you visit a website. Also make sure to block popups in Safari. You can read how to do that below.

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