Tip: this is how you know if someone is blocking you on WhatsApp

Tip: this is how you know if someone is blocking you on WhatsApp

Do you suspect someone has blocked you on WhatsApp? Nowhere in the messaging app do you get that message explicitly, but there are several ways in which you can find out. We explain.

Blocked on WhatsApp?

Can’t answer your messages or phone calls in WhatsApp? There you already have one possible signal that the other person has blocked you. Although it could just as well mean that he hasn’t seen your messages or is busy. We discuss seven signs that you have been blocked on WhatsApp:

  1. All your messages will be ignored, and presumably also if you contact us via other apps
  2. Your messages will be sent, but you will never see a blue check mark, indicating that they were not read
  3. You can’t invite the person to another conversation
  4. The profile picture has disappeared and has been replaced by the default gray profile picture of WhatsApp
  5. You cannot see the status of the person. We probably know the standard status: “Hello! I use WhatsApp”
  6. You will not see indicators such as “Online” and “Last seen” in the conversation
  7. You can call the person, but the call does not answer

Once you know that the other person has blocked you, at least you’re sure there’s no point in messaging or calling. After all, the other does not get to see or hear them.

More WhatsApp Tips and News

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There has also been a lot of WhatsApp news in recent weeks and months. WhatsApp is getting paid features and you can now accept a phone call from WhatsApp on some Wear OS watches. Recently, WhatsApp has also rolled out the Communities features and WhatsApp is working on a major privacy improvement. It will no longer be possible to capture single view messages with a screenshot. Which upcoming feature of WhatsApp appeals to you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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