Tip: use a joint Spotify queue at Christmas

Are you and your family always arguing about the music that is playing in the house? Then quickly read this tip about using a joint Spotify queue at Christmas!

Keep it cozy via a shared Spotify queue

In addition to discussions about politics and society, it is one of the biggest annoyances during Christmas dinner; what music should it have? While your older brother enjoys gritty jazz while he cuts the meat, your mother prefers ‘Last Christmas’ by WHAM! have on repeat. Fortunately, Spotify has a solution for that!

With the joint Spotify queue, you will never have to argue about which song should be on during Christmas dinner. Everyone can add music to a central playlist from his or her own phone. That is how it works.

Tip: use a joint Spotify queue at Christmas

Create a Spotify queue together with ‘Group Session’

With Group Session, anyone can add songs to Spotify and put them in the shared Spotify queue for Christmas. With this function it is also possible to take over the operation of the queue and the playing songs. If everyone adheres to the ‘unwritten rules of the Spotify queue’, Christmas with the family will remain merry.

Want to try out the joint Spotify queue this Christmas? Group Session is fairly easy to enable. You can start a joint Spotify queue with up to 7 others. Note: people who participate in the shared queue see what you’re listening to and can therefore change everything! Creating a Group Session works as follows:

  1. Open Spotify and turn on a song;
  2. In the playback menu, tap the Connect icon at the bottom left;
  3. Tap the plus sign at the top right of the screen and choose ‘invite friends’;
  4. Share the invitation link via your favorite social media.

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