Top 10 best watches for men

The best men’s watch is the watch that shows who you are. Whatever your personal style is – cool, sporty or classic. Because now that almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, you no longer really need a watch. For many men, a watch is therefore no longer just a way to tell the time, but a stylish, personal accessory or handy gadget.

The best watch brands

What the best watch brands are is subjective. Whether you are looking for a cool, sporty or classic men’s watch, at Techzle you will find all types and styles of men’s watches from well-known brands such as Seiko, Casio and Citizen.

Watch brands for men; Our Top 10

To help you find your perfect watch among the thousands of men’s watches on this site, we have listed our ten most popular brands for you.
Do you want to know what the best-selling watches for men are at the moment? Then take a quick look at our Top 10 men’s watches.

Modern-classic: Armani and Boss men’s watches

For the modern man who wants to look stylish both in his spare time and at work, we recommend the brands Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss. Two watch brands based on the men’s clothing of the same name.

Armani men’s watches have a typical Italian flair. Understated chic with a sporty twist and taken care of down to the last detail.

Emporio Armani men's watch

Hugo Boss men's watch

Boss men’s watches are real all-rounders and feel at home in the backyard and the office. They are modern-classic watches with a sporty edge.

Brother HUGO is the more casual line from Hugo Boss.

G-Shock and Garmin: the tech giants among men’s watches

Men who love the latest technical gadgets cannot ignore watches from G-Shock and Garmin. Two brands that attach great importance to technological development and look cool and masculine.

For gadget enthusiasts, Garmin watches are not to be missed. This originally tech company that produced navigation systems completely turned the smartwatch world upside down a few years ago with high-quality watches that look super slick.
From simple sports watches to premium lightweight GPS watches; Garmin has it all.

Garmin men's watch

G-Shock men's watch

G-Shock, on the other hand, has been around for 40 years this year and has become one of the most popular watch brands in the world. G-Shock watches have their own style and are almost impossible to break.

The digital plastic G-Shock watches are the best known, but did you know that G-Shock also produces very special luxury manufacture watches in the MR-G line?

High fashion men’s watches from Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors

Do you prefer to dress according to the latest fashion? Then take a look at our range of men’s watches from Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors.

The preppy college style of Tommy Hilfiger watches is never out of style. The designs of the watches are full of little jokes and references to the brand’s corporate identity: the initials TH and the blue-red nautical flag of the logo.

Tommy Hilfiger men's watch

Michael Kors Herrenuhr

Michael Kors smartwatches for men look just as stylish as the brand’s analogue watches, so you won’t notice at first glance that you are wearing a smartwatch. And with the customizable touchscreen designs, your watch always matches the moment and your clothing style.

Bling and luxury for men from Guess and GC

For men who love a bit of bling, Guess is the best watch brand to succeed. Guess Collection (GC for short) is the Swiss Made sister brand of Guess. Made from superior materials and equipped with Swiss precision movements, GC offers even more luxury.

The watches from the jeans brand Guess are real eye-catchers with a luxurious appearance. The new line of barrel-shaped watches with an industrial look are particularly popular this season.

Guess men's watch

GC men's watch

Classic watch designs in a modern, luxurious guise are the hallmark of GC.

Diesel and Fossil: cool, modern and innovative

And last but certainly not least, we would like to put the men’s watches from Diesel and Fossil in the spotlight. Two very different brands, each with their own image, for the man who knows what he wants.

Diesel is cool, innovative and larger than life. With striking shapes, colors, multiple time zones and an XL size, a Diesel men’s watch is an accessory that is absolutely not suitable for the man who prefers to stay in the background.

Diesel Herrenuhr

Fossil men's watch

Fossil draws inspiration from the past and modernizes vintage watch styles. This makes a Fossil watch immediately recognizable, but unlike Diesel, a men’s watch from Fossil completes your outfit rather than being an eye-catcher.

Swiss watch brands

Just not in the Top 10, but also always popular at Techzle, are of course the Swiss watch brands. Watches from Switzerland come from a long tradition of the best timepiece manufacturers and authentic craftsmanship. Swiss watches are as diverse as the peaks of the Alps. From super chic to sporty or specialized in real work watches.

Bulova (existed since 1875), for example, is a watch brand that has always brought special and innovative watches to the market. Even today they still deliver examples of extravagant haute Horlogerie, such as the world-famous Accutron and the curved Curv movement.

Edox is a much more traditional watch brand that mainly focuses on classic models with a modern twist. And the military Khaki watches from the American brand Hamilton remain popular all over the world.

Edox men's watch

Bulova men's watch

Hamilton men's watch

You can shop the best men’s watches at Techzle

These great watch brands for men are all available at Techzle. If you order today, you will receive your watch tomorrow! Can’t wait? Then choose evening delivery or come pick it up in one of our stores. We are ready for you.

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