Top 4 smart thermostats and radiator knobs for an energy-efficient winter

It’s getting colder outside and that means the heating can soon be turned on again. To be economical with energy (and your wallet), install a smart thermostat. We have selected the 4 best smart thermostats and radiator knobs for you.

Save on your energy bill: 4 best thermostats

Now that the beautiful summer days are over, we are entering the cold winter months again. To avoid being left out in the cold, the heating will soon be turned on again. But what about the energy bill? To ensure that you do not pay too much later, it is smart to look at a smart thermostat now.

With such a smart thermostat you save a lot on your energy costs, but it gives you many more benefits. You come home to a warm house and at night the heating is automatically turned down slightly. In the morning it turns on a few hours before you have to get up, so that you wake up in a nice and pleasant house.

There are many different smart thermostats that you use with an app or via Apple HomeKit. It is also worth asking yourself in advance whether you want to heat the house per room. In that case, you take a starter package with radiator knobs. And the great thing is: we have already put together a list of the four best smart thermostats and radiator valves.

Tip: some of these smart thermostats require a converter for certain central heating boilers. This is always stated in the description on the website where you will buy the smart thermostats. Therefore, always first check whether the thermostat is suitable for the boiler in your home.

1. tado° smart thermostat V3+

tado smart thermostat

The advantage of the tado° smart thermostat is that you provide each radiator with a smart button. This means that the heat in each room can be controlled separately. It works with almost all heating systems and also offers support for Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

You have access everywhere via the app, so you can easily increase the temperature in your home from the train. It’s nice to come home to your warm house!

In the app you determine the temperature per room, but you can also set automations. This way you can set the heating to come on at a fixed time every day. You can also use ‘geofencing’ to automatically turn on the heating when you are near your home. You do need a subscription for this.

You can get this starter kit from 229.99 euros with two smart radiator knobs. Would you rather arrange your entire house at once? Then you don’t need radiator knobs and you pay 169.99 euros. You can choose from a black or white thermostat, the radiator knobs are always white.

  • Starter package without radiator knobs (black) at Coolblue: by 219 eurosfor 169.99 euros
  • Starter package without radiator knobs (white) at Coolblue: by 219 eurosfor 169.99 euros
  • Starter package with 2 smart radiator knobs (white) at Coolblue: by 349.99 euros for 229.99 euros
  • Starter package with 4 smart radiator knobs (white) at Coolblue: by 529.97 euros for 380 euros
  • Starter package with 4 smart radiator knobs (black) at Coolblue: by 539.98 euros for 430 euros
  • Starter package with 6 smart radiator knobs (incl. bridge) at tink: by 669.98 euros for 449.95 euros

2. Netatmo smart thermostat

Netatmo smart thermostat

With the smart thermostat from Netatmo you can regulate the temperature per room with separate radiator knobs. He also learns from your daily habits. The thermostat therefore knows exactly the right time to adjust the temperature.

There is an away mode and changes in temperature are registered so you can respond accordingly. The Netatmo smart thermostat has support for all known voice assistants, including Siri, and you can easily connect it to HomeKit. Please note: there is no support for other smart home platforms.

  • Netatmo smart thermostat without radiator knobs at for 128.99 euros
  • Netatmo modulating thermostat (gen. 2) without radiator knobs at Coolblue: for 189 euros
  • Netatmo smart thermostat with 3 radiator knobs at Plaza: for 349 euros

3. Google Nest learning thermostat

Google Nest smart thermostat

This smart thermostat from Google Nest learns based on your daily life. After a while, it knows exactly what temperature you prefer at what time of day. It turns down the heating when you’re not there and even turns off the boiler if you’re away for a few days.

Although it is best for people with Android devices, it can also be connected to your iPhone. Moreover, it can be connected anywhere in your house, as long as it has power. You purchase it from 179 euros. You can then choose from several colors so that it fits perfectly into your interior.

  • Google Nest learning thermostat stainless steel at for 179 euros
  • Google Nest learning thermostat black at for 179 euros
  • Google Nest learning thermostat buyer at Coolblue: for 199 euros
  • Google Nest learning thermostat white at Coolblue: for 199 euros

4. Honeywell Lyric T6

Honeywell smart thermostat

Finally, the Honeywell Lyric T6 smart thermostat is also a good choice to purchase. It works with schedules, so your house is always warm when you need it. If you are not at home, the temperature is automatically set lower. Of course, you can set these schedules entirely according to your own wishes via the accompanying app.

This Honeywell also has geofencing, so the system knows when you leave home, so that the heating can be turned down a bit. It also supports Apple HomeKit with Siri voice control, which of course makes it much easier to adjust the temperature in your home.

See the best Honeywell Lyric T6 deal

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