Translate with Google Assistant: this is how the interpreting mode works

Google Assistant

It has recently become possible to translate languages ​​directly on your smartphone or tablet with the Google Assistant on board. The function is not only for people with an Android phone in their pocket. So if you have iOS, you might as well enjoy the translation fun.

At the time of writing you can use the Google Assistant to translate 44 languages. We have collected the languages ​​at the very bottom of the article. It does not matter whether you immediately translate from Dutch or from another language. The smart voice assistant is able to listen to two languages. For the sake of convenience, in this article we assume that you want to interpret something from Dutch into another language. You proceed as follows.

Google Assistant’s interpreting mode

If you need something from the Google Assistant, you are always with the command “Hey Google”. We now also start with that. You can then paste one of the sentences below.

• Be my Italian interpreter.

• Help me speak Spanish.

• Translate from Polish to Dutch.

• Chinese interpreter.

• Switch on the interpreting mode.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Respond smartly

Knowing how to pronounce something helps you to respond more quickly. But the Google Assistant is smart enough to recognize certain sentences, after which you can make a suggestion in the form of a “smart reply”. With such a smart reply you can keep the conversation going without literally translating sentence after sentence. The reply’s appear at the bottom of the screen in the form of buttons. If you want to do more with it, you just have to tap it.

If it is difficult to record, for example because it is busy, you can also type a sentence. That interpreted text is not immediately pronounced by the Google Assistant, but this is still possible afterwards. You can arrange this manually.

You can translate to and from these languages

• Arabic

• Bengali

• Burmese

• Cambodian (also called Khmer)

• Czech

• Danish

• Dutch

• English

• Estonian

• Filipino (Tagalog)

• Finnish

• French

• German

• Greek

• Gujarati

• Hindi

• Hungarian

• Indonesian

• Italian

• Japanese

• Javanese

• Kannada

• Korean

• Malayalam

• Marathi

• Nepalese

• Tangerine

• Norwegian

• Polish

• Portuguese

• Romanian

• Russian

• Sinhalese

• Slovak

• Spanish

• Sudanese

• Swedish

• Tamil

• Telugu

• Thai

• Turkish

• Ukrainian

• Urdu

• Vietnamese


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