Turn your iPhone into an iPod with these wallpapers

Did you used to have an iPod? And do you want him back (sort of)? With these wallpapers you can turn your iPhone into an iPod!

Turn your iPhone into an iPod

Thanks to Reddit user ComicOli, you can now turn your own iPhone into an iPod. Well, this gives you back the looks of the iPod. You can see the well-known click wheel on the screen, but of course you cannot use it.

Still, it is a lot of fun to set the background and the wallpapers also fit perfectly on every iPhone. There is even room for the clock and you can also store some widgets. There are also several colors of iPods available: white, black and gray. Below you will find wallpapers.

Turn your iPhone into an iPod with these wallpapers

Download the wallpaper via this link

iPod gray

Download the wallpaper via this link

iPod black

Download the wallpaper via this link

To set the iPod wallpaper on your iPhone you need to download the images first. You do this by tapping on the wallpaper and then saving the photo file on your iPhone. Does this not work, or do you use the iPhoned app? Then tap the link below.

Are you stuck? Then you can read exactly how to set the background in iOS 17 (and iOS 16) in the article below.

This was the iPod

The iPod was a popular music player from Apple. The iPod has become known all over the world mainly thanks to its simple operation and design. The data on the iPod can only be used. The iPod cannot change data. You had to set up the music yourself via a computer (PC or Mac) with iTunes.

Colors nano

It’s been a few years since Apple stopped selling the iPod (in 2022). The famous music player had lasted twenty years in quite a few different versions. Apple indicated that the function of the iPod had now been taken over by other devices, such as the iPhone.

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