Unfortunately: this major streaming service is not coming to the Vision Pro

The Vision Pro will be released soon, but a streaming service has already announced that it will not release an app for the headset. We will tell you more!

Apple Vision Pro is coming soon

Apple will soon release a completely new product, because the Vision Pro will appear in American stores on February 2. The spatial computer runs on the fast M2 chip and is equipped with two 4K micro LED screens. These displays are of extremely high quality, making the Vision Pro perfect for watching films and series from various streaming services.

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The Vision Pro also has a cool feature where you can determine the size of the screen you are looking at. This way you can make the film or series in your digital living room a hundred times larger, creating your own home cinema with the headset. Apple is dependent on the offer, but one major streaming service has already indicated that it does not support the Vision Pro.

vision pro cinema

Netflix is ​​not coming to the Vision Pro

Netflix has announced that there will be no special app for the headset. According to the streaming service, it will also not be possible to install the iPad app on the Vision Pro. If you want to watch films or series via Netflix, you will have to rely on the web version. You can also make the window as large as you want, but the quality may be slightly worse.

It is unclear why Netflix made this choice. The streaming service may have looked at Apple’s own expectations for the Vision Pro. The company expects to sell approximately 500,000 models of the Vision Pro by 2024. Due to the high purchase price of $3,499, they are not glasses for the general public. This target group may therefore not (yet) be interesting for Netflix.

vision pro Mac screen

These streaming services do exist

In any case, it is a striking choice that Netflix has made, especially because many other streaming services do support the Vision Pro. For example, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus have already confirmed that they are making an app for visionOS. During recent rounds of testing, journalists were even able to watch Disney Plus with the Vision Pro.

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In addition, Apple itself is of course releasing a special Apple TV app for visionOS. It reportedly already contains more than 150 3D films at the launch of the Vision Pro. The range of films and series will probably already be large when the headset is released, but we will have to do without Netflix for the time being. Although it is quite possible that the streaming service will come to the Vision Pro after a few years.

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