Unisex watches; More choice for everyone!

The watch world is traditionally structured in the same way as the fashion world, with a strict separation between the collections for men and women.
Of course there is something to be said for that. Women are generally smaller than men and usually have a thinner wrist. In addition, market research shows that color is more important for women than for men.

But is the difference in watches for women and men really that big? And does it matter? The fact is that more and more brands are launching unisex watches. More choice for everyone!

Watch as jewelry

Before World War I, almost all watches were pocket watches. Except women’s watches!
It was not considered appropriate for ladies of rank to wear a watch. It was considered rude for a woman to look at her watch because it might give the impression that she was bored. That is why watches were made especially for women that looked like a piece of jewelry, in which a small clock was subtly hidden. This changed later (fortunately), but to this day women’s watches are often small or richly decorated with crystals or gemstones.

For men, it was only after that time that the wristwatch became the norm. For practical reasons, but often also as a way to distinguish oneself from others. Even today, a watch – besides a (wedding) ring – is usually the only piece of jewelry that a man wears. That is changing. Today, men wear more jewelry in addition to their watch, such as a bracelet. And even for bling lovers, there is plenty to choose from at the moment.

Unisex watches;  More choice for everyone!
▴ Guess men’s watch with crystals

Bering watch
▴ Bering watch with bracelet

The size difference becomes smaller

The main difference between men’s and women’s watches is still the size. Average for women 36-40 mm and for men 40-45 mm.

With the oversized watch trend of the past 15 years, women have become accustomed to larger watches. Smartwatches are also generally larger and thicker than regular watches. So why not choose a format that just suits you? After all, people come in all shapes and sizes, regardless of their gender. There are also plenty of men for whom an XL watch is not the first choice.

The fact that (men’s) watches are larger than 38 mm is only a thing of the last decades. In fact, 38mm is now the average size for a women’s watch. In men’s watches, we have also seen a return to smaller sizes in recent years, meaning that an increasing number of watches are suitable for the thinner (women’s) wrist.

Many watch brands are responding to this development. For example, the Certina Aqua watch is aimed at both men and women. The new Ligure watch is also suitable for wide and narrow wrists due to its modest size and good fit.

Certina diving watch
▴ Certina diving watch

Ligure watch
▴ Ligure watches are made for men and women

As with many trends, Swatch is also a pioneer in this case. The original standard Swatch watches from the 80s and 90s were 34 mm ‘large’. The new version of this – with the somewhat misleading name ‘New Gent’ – 41 mm. A collection with something for everyone in colors and designs.

Swatch New Gent watch
▴ Swatch x Center Pompidou watch

Swatch New Gent watch
▴ Swatch New Gent watch

Classic-modern and retro watches also have a universal appeal and are suitable for almost all wrist sizes due to their classic style and size. For example, Casio Vintage watches or the Tissot PRX line that is available in different sizes.

Tissot PRX watch
▴ Tissot PRX watch

Casio Vintage watch
▴ Casio Vintage watch

The design is leading

Among (Scandinavian) design brands, the distinction between women’s and men’s watches has always been minimal. After all, it’s all about the design. You just have to choose the size or color that suits you.

Mondaine Classic watch
▴ Mondaine Classic watch

Jacob Jensen Classic Titanium watch
▴ Jacob Jensen Classic Titanium watch

You can actually apply this principle to all watch styles. Does the style appeal to you? Does the watch fit? So what does it matter whether it is labeled ‘ladies’ or ‘gentlemen’?

Functionality is becoming increasingly important

With the rise of increasingly advanced sports, outdoor and smart watches, the distinction between women’s and men’s watches has become even smaller. The functionality of the watch comes first. Fortunately, these watches are now available in more and more sizes and colors, so you can choose exactly the model that best suits you and your style.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
▴ Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is available in 3 different sizes

Casio watch
▴ Casioak sports watch


Men’s watches originally had modest colors. The choice of material such as steel or gold was decisive. But there too we see more diversity emerging and a choice of different colored dials and straps is becoming increasingly obvious. And with modern style icons such as Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet, it is becoming increasingly normal for men to take the colorful route. See, for example, the special watches from Stefano Braga, which are explicitly aimed at both men and women.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Tide watch
▴ Maurice Lacroix Aikon Tide

Stefano Braga Hyperion watch
▴ Stefano Braga Hyperion

Choose the perfect watch that suits you

We often think in boxes, but when you look less specifically for a women’s or men’s watch, but more for the style you like in a size that suits you, you will see that there is suddenly much more choice. We have already collected some examples on our unisex watches page.

Customize your watch to your wishes

Have you found the perfect watch at Techzle, but are you unsure whether it will fit your wrist? In the specifications of the watch you can see for which wrist size the watch is suitable. And we will make the (metal) link strap to size for you free of charge.

With a simple intervention such as attaching a different watch strap, you can not only give a watch a different appearance, but also make it better suited to your wrist. For example, with the sliding clasp of a mesh strap you can easily adjust the watch to your wrist size. Or choose a leather or rubber strap. Many brands of watches nowadays have ‘easy click’ or ‘quick fit’ straps that you can change yourself. Our store employees are happy to show you how easy this is.

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