Unlucky: Woman falls into toilet to save Apple Watch

In the United States, a woman dropped her Apple Watch in a public toilet, but fell into the toilet herself while trying to save the watch. That’s how it went.

Woman drops Watch in toilet

A woman in Michigan had a different day than she probably planned as she got stuck in a public restroom while rescuing her Apple Watch. During her visit to the toilet, the Watch ended up in the outdoor toilet, it is (still) unclear exactly how that happened. The big problem was that it was a toilet without a sewer connection, so all feces are collected in one large container under the toilet.

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This container is quite deep, which made it difficult to grab the Apple Watch. The American woman made an attempt anyway, but this did not end well. She fell into the storage under the toilet. This receptacle is so deep that she could no longer climb out herself. So she now had her Apple Watch, but she was also stuck in the toilet.

apple watch toilet

This is how the Apple Watch and woman were saved

Fortunately, bystanders heard the American woman calling for help, so emergency services could be notified. Once we arrived at the public toilet, it turned out that the police even had to remove the toilet bowl to save the woman (and the Apple Watch). As soon as the toilet was loosened, the woman was quickly brought back up with a rope.

As far as we know, the woman was unharmed and the Apple Watch still works. Still, the incident was reason enough for the local police to publish a general warning. It is not recommended to remove anything from an outdoor toilet yourself, because there are major risks involved. The American woman will probably think twice the next time she drops something in the toilet.

apple watch police toilet

Unknown which model it was

Fortunately, both the woman and the Apple Watch were rescued from the toilet unharmed. It is not known which Apple Watch it was, but it is likely that it is one of the more expensive versions. Did your Apple Watch meet an unfortunate end? Or does your Apple Watch need to be replaced? Then we have good news, because Apple has announced new watches.

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Apple is releasing no fewer than two new smartwatches this year: the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Are you planning to buy a new watch? In that case, pre-order the Apple Watch now and the watch will be delivered to you on Friday, September 22. That is also the date that the watch appears in stores. View the pre-order here:

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