Update Google Chromecast: this is how you install the latest software

New features are coming for the Google Chromecast, but that requires you to update the device’s software. This is how you can update the Google Chromecast!

Update for the Chromecast

Do you regularly use the Chromecast? Then we have good news, because new features are coming to the device soon. The Google Chromecast is now indispensable if you regularly watch series and films, but still have an ‘old’ television. With the external device you can watch Netflix, Videoland and other streaming services on your television, without your television having to be connected to the internet.

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This way you can transform any television into a smart TV, without having to buy the latest model. Google regularly brings new features to the Chromcast, but you have to update the device for that. Not sure if your Chromecast has been updated to the latest version? We explain how to check this and how you can update the Google Chromecast!

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Update Chromecast: this is how it works

Typically, the latest software is automatically installed on your Chromecast. Doesn’t this happen? Or do you want to install the latest update manually? Then you first have to check which Chromecast you have. With the newer models with Google TV (and with remote control), you can easily find a new update. Updating the Google Chromcast is done as follows:

  1. Go to the home screen of the Google Chromecast on your television screen;

  2. Open ‘Settings’, which you will find at the top right of the screen;

  3. Choose ‘System’;

  4. Then click on ‘About > System update’;

  5. Finally, choose ‘Check for updates’.

Is your Chromecast not updated to the latest software? An update will then appear on the screen. In that case, choose ‘Download > Install’ to update your Google Chromecast. It will then take a few minutes until your Chromecast is updated. If the device has already been updated, you will not receive a notification for a new update. This means that you can get started right away with all the new features of the Chromecast!


Update older Chromecast

With older generations of the Google Chromecast you do not have the option to update manually. If you want to ensure that the latest software is installed, you can reset the Chromecast to factory settings. You do this by tapping the Chromecast in the Google Home app on your iPhone and going to ‘System > About > Factory reset’.

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As soon as you restart Google Chromecast, it will update automatically. You can check which software version the Chromecast is running in the device information in the Google Home app. This will take you to the Chromecast and open ‘Settings > Device information > Technical information’. Then check here whether the software version matches the latest version of Googleso you can be sure that the device is updated!

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