Using AirTag with Android: is that possible? (And is that smart?)

Apple’s smart tracker does not work with Android devices, but this is now possible in a roundabout way. Is it smart to use an AirTag with Android?

Use AirTag with Android

The AirTag is Apple’s smart tracker that you can easily attach to your things so you never lose them again. You attach the small device to your keys, put it in your wallet or hide it in your bicycle or car. You can then always see the location in the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Apple’s tracker only works on these devices, because the AirTag does not support Android.

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However, it is possible to use an AirTag on Android in a roundabout way. Apple released a special Android app at the end of 2021, with which devices that do not run Apple’s software can also recognize AirTags. Apple decided to release this app after the AirTag was also used to track and stalk people without permission. However, there is a disadvantage to using the Tracker Detectapp for Android.

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Disadvantages of the Tracker Detect App

The Tracker Detect app is designed to – as the name suggests – recognize tracking devices. This means that the app makes it possible to find AirTags with an Android device. You can scan your environment for AirTags and receive a notification if an unknown tracker is found nearby. If an AirTag is found, you will be given the option to play a sound via the app.

That is also the disadvantage of the app, because you have no further options in the Tracker Detect app. So you cannot add your own AirTag and not see the precise location. The app is really only intended to detect trackers, but that doesn’t always work perfectly either. So you can find an AirTag on your Android device, but that’s about it. Many functions of the Find My app are missing from Android.

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Alternative AirTags work better

Instead, as an Android user it is better to opt for alternative AirTags, which are often a lot cheaper. For example, Kruidvat and Action now also offer trackers that work with both Android and iOS. Very handy, especially if you later decide to switch to an iPhone. We previously listed cheap alternatives to the AirTag for you here.

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The advantage of AirTags is that the devices are not dependent on WiFi or GPS, but are located by other Apple devices. As a result, the precise location is often more reliable than with other trackers. Is that why you still want to buy an AirTag for your Android device? Then view the best prices here, so that you never pay too much for the smart tracker:

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