Video: this is how the Vision Pro is made (and this is why it is so expensive)

The Vision Pro can be ordered in the United States for no less than $ 3,499. This video now reveals how the Vision Pro is made and why it is so expensive.

Apple Vision Pro for sale

The Vision Pro can finally be ordered in the United States, the pre-order of the headset started there last Friday. Apple’s first spatial computer will officially hit stores on Friday, February 2. The headset is not a device for the general public, because the Vision Pro is extremely expensive. In the United States you pay at least $3,499 for the spatial computer.

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Do you wear glasses in daily life? Then you spend even more money on special lenses in the Vision Pro. The headset therefore has a hefty price tag, which is why Apple does not expect the Vision Pro to sell much this year. The company has now shared a video on YouTube, giving us a little better idea of ​​why the Vision Pro is so expensive. Watch the video here:

Long production process Vision Pro

Apple reveals the advanced and cool techniques used to produce the expensive Vision Pro. Each model of the headset is manufactured with great care, which is appropriate for the price. The headband is thoroughly tested for each version, so that the wearing comfort of the glasses can be guaranteed. This is done manually according to the video.

That’s not the only thing that takes a lot of time, because the lenses are also manually rotated in the headset. The video shows that the special lenses for the glasses are put in one by one, a very time-consuming job. The spatial computer not only uses expensive materials and advanced techniques, but the Vision Pro is also extremely expensive due to the time invested in the production process.

apple vision pro

Price in the Netherlands even higher

The Vision Pro is therefore very expensive, but in the Netherlands the price is probably even higher. Apple usually charges higher prices in Europe than in the United States. It is therefore expected that the Vision Pro will cost at least 3,500 euros in the Netherlands. The European release date of the headset is still unclear, the glasses will probably first come to major countries such as Germany and France.

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It is therefore still unknown when the Vision Pro will appear in Europe and how expensive the headset will be here. The headset will be available for sale in the United States next month, when visionOS will also be released for the first time. Are you curious about what the new software will look like? Then try out visionOS here! Would you like to know more about the Vision Pro? Then read everything we know about Apple’s first headset here!

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