Video: Why the Apple Vision Pro might be the future after all

Not everyone thinks Apple’s VR glasses are successful. But this video shows why the Apple Vision Pro might be the future we need to go to after all.

Why the Apple Vision might be the future after all

YouTuber CaseyNeistat took a closer look at the Apple Vision Pro and spent a day walking around the streets of New York with it. His experiences with Apple’s modern glasses were positive, but he also encountered some quirks. For example, the window he had open in his Apple Vision Pro was left behind at the station while he left on the subway.

The video is definitely fun to watch and it’s funny to see what New Yorkers thought of the glasses. But what CaseyNeistat says at the end of the video is perhaps the most interesting.

He got used to wearing the glasses at first, but after a few hours he no longer really noticed that he was wearing the Apple Vision Pro. And with that, the YouTuber was sold. He said it felt like the future. Something that has been promised for years (and you see in films), but no one has ever been able to properly deliver. It is not the future of just VR or AR, but the use of computers in general.

He did, however, make a comment about this. Future devices should not look like ski goggles (with a price tag of $4,000). No, standard glasses or maybe even something smaller. In any case, the Apple Vision Pro gives you a glimpse of this future.

apple vision inside

He doesn’t say you should immediately run to the store to buy an Apple Vision Pro. According to him, the current Apple Vision Pro is the worst version of the device you can ever get. Future versions will probably be a lot better.

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