View documents side by side in Word

View documents side by side in Word

Move text from one Word document to another? Place the documents side by side so that they are in view at the same time.

It is sometimes useful to display two Word documents side by side. For example, consider when you want to compare texts. This is how it works:

  • Open the documents you want to see side by side.
  • In one of the documents, click on the tab Image.
  • click on View side by side or Window > View side by side.
  • If you have opened two documents, they will be displayed side by side. If you have more than two open, a window will open. Click on the file to be displayed next to the document you have in front of you. Then click OK.

The documents are side by side. Do you want that when you scroll through one document, the other also moves? Then click on the tab Image and then on Synchronous scrolling or Window > Synchronous scrolling.

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