visionOS 2: New hand gestures and productivity features

Apple previewed visionOS 2 at WWDC 2024, a major update to Apple Vision Pro with an innovative way to take spatial photos from existing footage in your library. New hand gestures have also been added to instantly call up important information, as well as new features for Mac Virtual Display, Travel Mode and Guest User.

Manage the data for all your accounts in the new Passwords app, take advantage of new privacy tools in Safari, and discover all kinds of new features in popular apps like Apple TV and Mindfulness.

With visionOS 2 you have access to more than 2,000 spatial apps developed specifically for Apple Vision Pro and more than 1.5 million iOS and iPad apps that also run on Apple Vision Pro. There are also new tools that enable developers to do even more with spatial computing and more easily build new volumetric and shareable features in apps.

The Vision Pro is not yet available in the Netherlands. The first European countries will soon be able to welcome the Vision Pro. This concerns the European release in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Spatial photos

Spatial photos on Apple Vision Pro give your most beautiful memories an incredibly realistic extra dimension. In visionOS 2, you can take spatial photos directly from the Photos app library to bring back precious memories. visionOS 2 uses advanced machine learning to transform a two-dimensional image into a beautiful spatial photo that truly comes to life on Vision Pro. You can then share these spatial photos with friends and family with a Vision Pro. Or bring everyone’s spatial personas together via SharePlay in the Photos app to watch the most beautiful panoramas, spatial videos and more together. This makes it seem like you are all in the same room.

Spatial videos on Apple Vision Pro and iPhone 15 Pro bring special memories to life and take you back to the moment. Later this year, Canon will release a brand new spatial lens for the popular digital camera EOS R7, with which you can create beautiful spatial videos even in low light. Thanks to an update to Final Cut Pro, it becomes possible to edit spatial videos on your Mac and add the most beautiful titles and effects to projects. And with the Vimeo app for Vision Pro, you can upload and share your own spatial videos for others to enjoy too.

New hand gestures and productivity features

visionOS 2 makes Apple Vision Pro even faster and more user-friendly. There are new hand gestures that allow you to quickly perform central functions or call up frequently used features, such as Home View and the control panel. New gestures let you instantly display important information, such as battery level. You can also see what time it is and you can adjust the volume, for example.

Later this year, Mac Virtual Display will have a higher resolution and a larger size. This gives you virtual access to two 4K monitors next to each other. Ideal if you use Apple Vision Pro for work, visionOS 2 allows you to work with a mouse, giving you more options in all kinds of workflows. For the first time, you can also display your physical Magic Keyboard on Vision Pro.

visionOS 2 - 4K monitor

Several central functions of Apple Vision Pro have undergone significant improvements in visionOS 2. Now you can organize your Home View the way you want: place your apps anywhere you want, even if they were originally built for iPhone and iPad. Travel Mode now also works on the train, which means you can use your favorite apps there too and even switch on an environment like Bora Bora to dream away for a while. And does someone else want to use your Vision Pro? Then you can add that person as a Guest User, with which eye and hand data will be retained for 30 days.

visionOS 2 - use on train

Other new features in visionOS 2

  • In Safari you can now watch videos in an Environment, including on popular sites like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon. While scrolling through a web page, you can click on panoramic photos, which will then expand into a lifelike experience. And if you want to multitask efficiently, you can have Siri read out the text on a web page.
  • You can now watch multiple shows at the same time in the Apple TV app on Apple Vision Pro. Ideal if you want to follow multiple sports matches at the same time. Later this year you’ll be able to watch up to five simultaneous streams, so you don’t miss anything from your favorite sport or team.
  • The Mindfulness app helps you stay calm and focused with a new feature: Follow Your Breathing. You will be made aware of your breathing using moving visual animations and sounds.
  • Live captioning throughout the system allows anyone to follow live conversations or the audio in apps, including users who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • You can view content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac via AirPlay on the Vision Pro.
  • Connect mouse to the spatial computer


The preview version of visionOS 2 will be available to developers on June 10, 2024 via the Apple Developer Program. Public testers can start working with the beta software in the summer. The official version will be released this fall. Some features are not available in all languages ​​or regions.

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