Want to save on your energy costs? These 4 smart thermostats are now on sale (ADV)

With the current energy prices, you quickly earn back the investment in a smart thermostat. And during the Energy Saving Days at tink they are extra affordable! We list the four best smart thermostat deals.

The 4 best smart thermostat deals at tink

In these times of sky-high energy prices, you naturally want to save where you can. That is very difficult with a conventional thermostat. After all, you operate it yourself, so you have to guess which settings are the most economical. And if you forget to turn off the heating, the bill continues.

That is a thing of the past with a smart thermostat. He learns your patterns and adjusts the heating accordingly. If you give permission, the system will track your location, for example. When you go out the door, the thermostat switches itself off automatically. In addition, it calculates how the desired temperature is achieved in such an energy-efficient way.

Until October 31, you will receive high discounts at tink during the Energy Saving Days. Below you will find the best smart thermostat deals. Bundles of multiple products are extra affordable!

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tado° Smart Wireless Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ incl. Bridge + Radiator Thermostats

tado° Smart Wireless Thermostat Starter Kit V3+

With this starter pack including bridge and 6 radiator knobs you are all set for a cold winter. You can easily operate the thermostat from your smartphone or tablet. In the accompanying app you will quickly find the data you are looking for. This makes automating the heating very easy!

For example, you set a timetable per departure, so that you only heat the rooms where you are staying. Are you about to go home? Then you can open the radiators remotely, so that you come home to a pleasant home. Thanks to Geofencing, the system can even automatically detect when you’re on the road and raise the temperature! And when you leave your house, the heating is turned off again.

You pay temporarily for the Tado° Smart Wireless Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ incl. Bridge + 6-pack Radiator Thermostats not 749.96 euros, but only 569.95. Need even more buttons? Then choose a larger package or buy them separately.

  • View the tado starter kit + 6-pack offer
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  • View the 8-pack radiator knobs offer

Google Nest Learning Thermostat (Gen. 3) + Google Nest Hub (Gen. 2)

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat (Gen. 3) is the perfect smart thermostat for all Google fans. You can control your heating from anywhere in the world and the system also learns from your patterns. In this way, it automatically adjusts the climate in your home to your habits. Very easy and you save energy without having to worry about it.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat (Gen. 3) + Google Nest Hub (Gen. 2)

This set also includes a Google Nest Hub (Gen 2.) That is the central point for all your smart devices. You can easily connect the Learning Thermostat to it, just like your smart lighting, for example. You control the Nest Hub via the built-in screen, the app or simply with your voice.

You pay for the package with these two devices during the Energy Saving Days not 348.99 euros, but only 239.95 euros!

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Bosch Smart Home Controller + 5x Radiator Knob II

Bosch Smart Home Controller + 5x Radiator Knob II

Saving energy is a piece of cake with the Bosch Smart Home Controller + 5x Radiator Knob II. You connect the buttons to your existing radiators and can immediately fully automate the heating process. For example, you set a separate time schedule for each room, so that rooms are only heated when you use them. That quickly saves many euros. Keep a close eye on everything with the free Bosch Smart Home app.

For the Bosch Smart Home Controller + 5x Radiator Knob II you normally lose 499.70 euros. Until October 1, you only pay 399.95 euros.

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Netatmo Modulating Thermostat + Radiator valve 6-pack

Netatmo Modulating Thermostat

Are you just starting out with smart heating? Then this is the ideal starter kit. You simply connect the modulating thermostat from Netatmo to your boiler or boiler and start saving immediately. Thanks to the individual radiator valves, you can, for example, set the temperature in each room separately. You also enjoy automatic heating schedules and the thermostat can also adjust itself to the outside temperature. Are you integrating the system into Apple Homekit? Then you can easily operate the Netatmo Modulating Thermostat with your voice.

Normally you will lose 659.97 euros for the Netatmo Modulating Thermostat + Radiator Valve 6-pack. At tink you now pay temporarily only 599.95 euros!

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Even more offers

In addition to the above deals, tink has many more offers during the Energy Saving Days from Merkels Bosch Smart Home, Netatmo, Innr and Philips Hue. How about an Innr smart plug Zigbee 3.0 4-pack from 99.96 for 78.50? With this you can make all your old devices, such as antique lamps, smart in no time.

Google Nest

With a Google Nest Audio Stereo Set, you get two smart speakers that together provide beautiful stereo sound. You do not pay 198 euros for this duo, but only 129 euros. That is a saving of 35 percent.

Or opt for an Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera 3-pack + Google Nest Hub (Gen. 2). You can keep a close eye on your home with these cameras. You check the images directly on your new Google Nest Hub. You now do not pay 749.95 euros, but 449.95 euros for this set. A saving of no less than 40 percent!

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