Watch gift for Mother’s Day. What type is your mother?

Who always makes time for you when you need her? Your dearest mother of course! A beautiful watch is therefore a great gift to thank her for everything she means to you. Especially if that watch completely matches her taste or interests. What type is your mother?

A watch for the sporty mother

Can your mother be found at the gym or on the tennis court three times a week and is she very conscious about her health? A connected sports watch helps her keep track of all the data about her fitness and progress. In addition, sports watches and sports smartwatches contain extensive functions for various sports such as golf, cycling and walking.

woman with Garmin Vivoactive watch
▴ Garmin Vivoactive

G-Shock G-Lide watches
▴ G-Shock G-Lide

woman wearing a Garmin Lily watch
▴ Garmin Lily

Nowadays there are also watches with functions specifically aimed at women, for example for tracking your cycle or pregnancy.

A well-known brand for the fashion-conscious mother

Can’t you make your mother happier than with a fun day of shopping together? Then we recommend that you look at a watch from a well-known fashion brand such as Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors or Calvin Klein. From sporty to chic, whatever her style, we have a watch that suits your mother.

woman wearing Michael Kors Slim Runway watch
▴ Michael Kors Slim Runway

Tommy Hilfiger Emily watch
▴ Tommy Hilfiger Emily

Woman wearing Calvin Klein Gleam watch
▴ Calvin Klein Gleam

A waterproof watch for the mother who likes to be outside

Rain or shine, your mother goes out. Get a breath of fresh air on the beach, take a brisk walk in the woods, it doesn’t matter whether it rains or the sun shines, because our selection of waterproof watches always ensures a sunny mood.

Citizen Promaster watch
▴Citizen Promaster

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Tide watch
▴ Maurice Lacroix Aikon Tide

woman with Swatch What if?  watch
▴ Swatch What if?

A practical watch for the traveling mother

Is your mother always planning her next holiday or city trip? Can she sometimes dream away when she hears exotic or famous place names? Then a watch with a name like that is a gift that really shows that you know what moves your mother. And when the time comes for you to board the train or plane together, the watch will ensure that you are at least on time.

Charmex Biarritz watch
▴ Charmex Biarritz

Lacoste Berlin watch
▴ Lacoste Berlin

Roamer Capri watch
▴ Roamer Capri

A designer watch for the art-loving mother

Can your mother regularly be found in the Kunsthal, Abbe or the Rijks? With an art or design watch, she doesn’t have to leave the house to admire a true piece of art!

Danish Design Pico watch
▴ Danish Design Pico

Swatch Jean Michel Basquiat watch
▴ Swatch Jean Michel Basquiat

Timex Keith Haring watch
▴ Timex Keith Haring

Everything for the Unique mother

Of course, you may not recognize your mother at all in the above examples. Don’t worry, because we have many more beautiful women’s watches to choose from. At Techzle you can find a suitable watch Mother’s Day gift for every unique mother.

woman getting a massage

Win a pampering day for you and your mother when you purchase a watch

If you buy a watch from Techzle in the period from 1 to 9 May and have it wrapped as a Mother’s Day gift, you automatically have a chance to win a wellness voucher worth € 100. With this voucher you and your mother can fully recharge in the most beautiful wellness resorts in the Netherlands and Belgium.
So order quickly and don’t forget to choose Mother’s Day gift wrapping paper with your order.

You can read all about the promotion on our special Mother’s Day page.

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